We can design and execute seismic programs with the appropriate azimuth, offsets, and source/receiver intervals to deliver unprecedented productivity and data quality for a range of applications.

All-Terrain Excellence

V1 Egypt

CGG is uniquely placed to overcome the difficulties of acquiring surveys in  challenging locations, and we have a reputation for getting the tough jobs done for all terrains:

  • Arctic
  • Desert
  • Forest and Jungle
  • Lowland
  • Mountain
  • Sabkha
  • Swamp
  • Transition Zone
  • Urban

The new frontier areas for hydrocarbon exploration are increasingly complex, sensitive and operationally challenging.
We are committed to respect the environmental fragility, while remaining passionate about providing our clients with the most appropriate technology and expertise to ensure that the data we record are of the highest quality.

snowy forest
Heliported survey
Road, Vibrator and Unite

Survey Design Excellence

  • Unmatched project management
  • Industry-leading resources
  • Heliportable operations
  • Energetic cooperation and consultation with local communities
  • Unrivalled processing expertise and experience to complement all complex terrain survey types

Experts in All Forms of Land Acquisition

  • Exploratory 2D, high-density 3D, or time-lapse 4D acquisition
  • Single- or multicomponent (3C, 4C or 9C) programs
  • Cabled, cableless and hybrid seismic programs
  • Mixed-mode operations (dynamite, vibroseis and airgun)
  • Heliportable support
  • Mega-channel count super-crews

Onshore - UltraSeis


Enabling quantitative interpretation with high-quality, high-density and cost-effective seismic. A fully integrated solution for onshore reservoir development.

Onshore - Cableless Technology

Cableless surveys

Flexible and agile onshore recording  for light operations in obstructed, sensitive and complex terrain.
Onshore - General Geophysics

General Geophysics

Mastering the full spectrum of geophysical techniques to design customized geophysical surveys for a wide range of industries.

Onshore (Land)


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