Every type of environment requires specialist knowledge and equipment to ensure that the optimum productivity, data quality and QHSE performance can be achieved. CGG has long term desert experience and resources to meet these goals in this harsh environment.

With a history of excellence throughout the world's desert regions, including world-records being set by our SuperCrews, we are able to bring a unique combination of production performance while also maintaining unequalled levels of QHSE. We see these as two complementary goals and have a proven record of achieving industry-leading milestones in both.

Vibrators in the desert

Understanding the Desert

  • Strategic long-term partnerships in the Middle East and North Africa through Argas
  • UltraSeisTM integrated solution delivers cost-effective, high-density, broadband seismic data that enables reliable quantitative interpretation, more accurate reservoir modeling and addresses the near-surface effects which have plagued onshore seismic in the Middle East and North Africa.
  • EmphaSeis broadband vibroseis to enhance deep imaging and reservoir characterisation
  • CleanSweep is a new technology which unlocks the full potential of broadband land seismic by delivering a sweep featuring high-fidelity low frequencies free of harmonic noise and exceptionally high signal-to-noise ratio over the whole bandwidth. CleanSweep enables you to leverage the broad frequency content of your data for more reliable inversion and interpretation.
  • Efficient pre-planning and survey design
  • In-field QC pre-processing and full processing options
  • Commitment to QHSE and environmental awareness
Onshore - UltraSeis


Enabling quantitative interpretation with high-quality, high-density and cost-effective seismic. A fully integrated solution for onshore reservoir development.

Onshore - EmphaSeis


Optimize vibroseis source performance. Get better penetration and sharper images. Improve bandwidth for single or multicomponent analysis.
Onshore - CleanSweep


Leverage the broad frequency content of your data with low frequencies, free of harmonic noise, for more reliable inversion and interpretation.