Transition Zone

Swamp boat

CGG in association with Seabed GeoSolutions, our joint venture with Fugro, has a powerful range of experience and resources to respond to the many challenges presented by the transition zones between land and marine.

Using the most recent Sercel recording systems, we have an unmatched set of resources and level of expertise to ensure that all transition zone demands can be met. This expertise is built from our worldwide experience and our participation in all of the major technological advances throughout the previous decade. It is further underlined by the successes we have had in integrating different acquisition methods to answer particular environmental challenges. Worldwide we provide the latest and the best technology and optimize acquisition quality and productivity.

Unite in water

Transition Zone Specialists

  • Worldwide experience
  • Prioritizing the environment
  • QHSE excellence
  • Over 100 surveys completed
  • Seamless land/TZ solutions
  • Specialist crews and equipment
  • Integrated 4C/4D acquisition and processing

From survey design, logistical delivery, acquisition performance and processing excellence, CGG has led the industry in answering the needs of its clients in unlocking the transition.

Unmatched Resources

  • Custom-built shallow draft cable boats and source vessels
  • Custom-designed shallow water sources
  • Full suite of Sercel equipment, including Searay 4C cable
Seabed - SBGS JV


Get a clearer picture of hydrocarbon prospects, reservoirs and geohazards. We are experts in full-azimuth broadband seabed, and 4D.
Onshore - General Geophysics - Resistivity

Resistivity Surveys

Rely on CGG for using the most appropriate resistivity method among a large spectrum of possibilities

Onshore - Cableless Technology

Cableless surveys

Flexible and agile onshore recording  for light operations in obstructed, sensitive and complex terrain.
Onshore (Land)


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