Urban and sensitive enviroments

Urban development, industrial infrastructure and environmentally sensitive areas create obstructions and challenges for the acquisition of geophysical data for natural resource exploration and development.

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To minimize disruption in busy urban areas and to reduce the footprint of operations on agricultural land, forest and other sensitive environments, requires an approach which combines technology with operational excellence.

Agile LiteSeis™ vibroseis crews operating with the latest Sercel cableless recording equipment and vibrators offer a high level of versatility. Their small footprint reduces disruption to local communities and can allow extended recording hours which will reduce overall survey duration.

Survey evaluation and design is also an important part of the solution. We use a team of multi-disciplinary experts to look at the impact of obstructions on your imaging and reservoir characterization objectives and evaluate how they can be mitigated by adapting the survey geometry. Light cableless crews enable an adaptable approach to survey design and are able to access more of the survey area than conventional crews. Source and receiver lines can be planned to maximize the use of existing access ways and avoid the most congested areas to maximize the coverage within the physical constraints of the survey area.

Onshore - LiteSeis


Agile, high-productivity 2D and 3D acquisition delivering cost-effective, high-quality onshore seismic in urban and sensitive environments.
Onshore - General Geophysics

General Geophysics

Mastering the full spectrum of geophysical techniques to design customized geophysical surveys for a wide range of industries.

Onshore - Cableless Technology

Cableless surveys

Flexible and agile onshore recording  for light operations in obstructed, sensitive and complex terrain.
Onshore (Land)


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