Survey Technologies

Although geophysical techniques focus primarily on the exploration of  natural resources,they are also applied for environmental and urban civil engineering investigations. We offer a wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure that the most appropriate and best technology CGG has to offer is employed.

The table below is set out in order of depth of investigation (from a few centimeters to several kilometers).



Ground-Penetrating Radar
  • Underground networks (sewers, aqueducts, miscellaneous piping), shallow cavities
  • Pollution by hydrocarbons, determining the nature of waste material
  • Sounding structures, routing pipelines
  • Fractures
  • Shallow voids, limits of refuse tips, quality of foundations
  • Massive ore bodies
Ground-Based Magnetics
  • Eruptive rocks, faults
  • Mines
  • Environment: detection of buried ferro-magnetic objects
Seismic Tomography
  • Foundations and injections
  • Fracturing
  • Mining and oil exploration (static corrections for reflection seismic)
Electric Profiling and Electromagnetics with
a mobile, short-distance transmitter
  • Salt pinch-outs, faulted or polluted zones (salt)
  • Thickness of weathered and decayed rock on the basement, lithological contacts.
Borehole Logging
  • Hydrogeology: lithology and stratigraphy, fracturing, porosity, evaluation of cementing
  • Mines: lithology (density, porosity)
  • Civil Engineering: fracturing
  • Hydrocarbons: static corrections and synthetic seismogram for seismic
Refraction Seismic
  • Thickness of the overburden
  • Locating the water table
  • Fracturing, faults
  • Studies of household or industrial waste dumps
Electrical Sounding
  • Geological exploration, water quality, large basin structure
High-Resolution Reflection Seismic
  • Location of specific structures for mineral water, drinking water, geothermal springs
  • Mining exploration (coal, pyrite, salt, potash)
  • Tunnel or gallery routing
  • Studies of underground storage sites
  • Structural or stratigraphic surveys in mining, hydrocarbon and geothermal exploration
  • Structural surveys: basins, domes, fault blocks, etc.
  • Detection of solid ores: barite, sulphides, coal, salts, etc.
Onshore - General Geophysics - Resistivity

Resistivity Surveys

Rely on CGG for using the most appropriate resistivity method among a large spectrum of possibilities

Multi-Physics - Airborne Gravity & Magnetics

Airborne Gravity & Magnetics

Cover large unexplored areas with airborne gravity and magnetics, and get full geological perspective.
Multi-Physics - Potential Fields Interpretation

Multi-Physics Interpretation & Integration

Leverage our advanced interpretation expertise. Integrating potential fields, geological and seismic data for a multi-disciplinary understanding of your challenge.

Onshore (General Geophysics)


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