Potential fields

Magnetic surveys

In a magnetic survey, the earth's magnetic field and the magnetic responses due to magnetic minerals are measured. We offer ground magnetic surveys using state-of-the-art equipment. GPS systems are regularly integrated to eliminate the need for gridding. Magnetic surveys are used to identify bedrock geologic features such as mafic dykes, geological contacts and faults and can be used in environmental and archaeological surveys to delineate buried drums, pipelines, underground storage tanks and historic structures.

Identification of karsts on a gravity map

GPS Gravity and micro-gravity surveys

Gravity measurements detect changes in the earth's gravitational field caused by local changes in the density of the surface or subsurface rock. Gravity can be used for mapping paleochannels, sedimentary basins, near-surface cavities and for mineral exploration. CGG has extensive experience conducting all scales of surveys from regional-scale helicopter supported gravity surveys for private and government clients to microgravity for environmental monitoring.

Onshore (General Geophysics)


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