High-productivity techniques are at heart of our UltraSeis™ and LiteSeis™ onshore seismic solutions, enabling us to provide cost-effective, high-quality results in every environment. Our blended acquisition and proprietary deblending technologies and Sercel equipment are key to unlocking unprecedented production rates, allowing you to increase coverage and density and reduce survey turnaround.

high productivity

UltraSeis Unconstrained Blended Acquisition:
  • Scalable for any number of vibrator units
  • Unprecedented productivity: 20-100,000 VP/day
  • Powered by the latest Sercel equipment:
    • 428XL, 508XT and WTU-508 node recording systems
    • Nomad broadband vibrators & advanced electronics
  • Auxiliary Data integration, backed by 15 years of field operations experience and signal processing expertise
  • Sophisticated de-blending algorithm running on massive computing resources
  • Real-time in-field Synapps™ QC and TeraMig™ imaging, handling Tb of data per day
  • Deliverables with de-blended SEGY records within few weeks of last VP

LiteSeis SRS Blended Acquisition:Simultaneous Random Sweep technology optimized for small, agile crews

  • Unprecedented productivity for urban, agricultural and sensitive areas
  • Powered by leading Sercel equipment:
    • UNITE and WTU-508 node for improved coverage and flexibility
    • Nomad 15 agile, low-impact mini-vibrator
    • Real-time in-field QC
Onshore - CleanSweep


Leverage the broad frequency content of your data with low frequencies, free of harmonic noise, for more reliable inversion and interpretation.

Onshore - UltraSeis


Enabling quantitative interpretation with high-quality, high-density and cost-effective seismic. A fully integrated solution for onshore reservoir development.

Onshore - EmphaSeis


Optimize vibroseis source performance. Get better penetration and sharper images. Improve bandwidth for single or multicomponent analysis.
Onshore (Land)


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