Our LiteSeis™ integrated solution provides agile, low-impact broadband seismic for exploration in obstructed or sensitive areas. The use of proprietary high-productivity techniques, and survey planning optimized for the local environment and stream-lined operations results in a cost-effective, adaptable and customized approach for high quality data.


Light footprint

LiteSeis is perfectly suited to 2D and smaller 3D surveys in more sensitive environments with limited access such as urban, agricultural and woodland areas. Careful pre-survey planning, adaptable survey design and lightweight equipment help to minimize the environmental footprint, by using existing access where possible, for example. Typically LiteSeis vibroseis operations will utilize the latest Sercel UNITE and WTU-508 cableless recording equipment and Nomad 15 broadband mini-vibrator to ensure the best possible flexibility, coverage and data quality.

High productivity unlocks cost-effective, high quality results

In addition to our extensive experience and operation excellence, smart use of the latest technology allow us to achieve very high productivity levels. This means that we can deliver excellent data quality and reduce project duration without compromise. This makes our LiteSeis approach cost-effective for a wide range of industries and applications.

Blended acquisition techniques are central to our high-productivity strategy. For LiteSeis vibroseis operations we utilize an unconstrained approach with Simultaneous Random Sweeping to source productivity.

The use of cableless recording technology also helps to increase productivity by increasing operational flexibility, minimizing disruption and extending the daily recording window in congested areas. In particular the Sercel UNITE and WTU-508 provide real-time QC information and noise monitoring for better geophysical operations management.


Onshore - Cableless Technology

Cableless surveys

Flexible and agile onshore recording  for light operations in obstructed, sensitive and complex terrain.
Onshore - CleanSweep


Leverage the broad frequency content of your data with low frequencies, free of harmonic noise, for more reliable inversion and interpretation.

Sercel (External Link)


As the worldwide leader in the seismic acquisition industry, Sercel designs, manufactures and supports the most advanced seismic acquisition systems available.
Onshore (Land)


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