Survey Evaluation & Design

Our SED team of geoscience experts can help evaluate and design a survey that takes into consideration the local terrain, HSE and environmental constraints, permits and regulations, and the illumination of the target.

Ray tracing and attribute modeling

In a collaborative effort, we work with our clients to fully understand the requirements of an acquisition program and deliver the best possible results.

With access to advanced modeling technology and a complete team of geoscientists and acquisition experts, CGG delivers a fully integrated custom-designed program for the most complex geoscience issues.

Experienced technical resources such as reservoir geoscientists, operational and geotechnical acquisition specialists, and processing and interpretation specialists in both seismic and non-seismic techniques contribute valuable information into the pre-survey modeling process.

Using our broad portfolio, covering the complete range of geoscience expertise and experience, we collaborate with our clients to build models of the acquisition program that fit the specific challenges to be addressed. Among others, we use the following tools:

  • NORSAR: Ray-tracing modeling
  • Geovation: Wave-equation modeling and seismic data processing
  • OMNI: Geometry analysis
  • Geoland: Geometry analysis

We provide:

  • Source modeling capabilities
  • Ray-trace modeled illumination analysis
  • Analysis of wave-equation modeled seismic data
  • Analysis of legacy seismic data
  • Simulated PSDM horizon amplitudes
  • Shooting direction hit maps
  • Equipment recommendations
  • Access to Robertson, Jason and Hampson-Russell reservoir services


Onshore - CleanSweep


Leverage the broad frequency content of your data with low frequencies, free of harmonic noise, for more reliable inversion and interpretation.

Onshore - EmphaSeis


Optimize vibroseis source performance. Get better penetration and sharper images. Improve bandwidth for single or multicomponent analysis.
Onshore - SeisMovie


Optimize enhanced oil recovery. Continuous, high-resolution onshore monitoring. Unparalleled sensitivity and repeatability. Remote autonomous operation. Understand reservoir dynamics.

Onshore (Land)


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