Our UltraSeis™ integrated solution delivers cost-effective, high-density, broadband seismic data that enables reliable quantitative interpretation, more accurate reservoir modeling and addresses the near-surface effects which have plagued onshore seismic in the Middle East and North Africa.

Unlocking onshore reservoir knowledge

At every step, from equipment to subsurface imaging, our dedicated cross-disciplinary team ensures the suitability of data for reservoir characterization and delivers seismic data that can be fully leveraged by our GeoConsulting reservoir group for quantitative interpretation.


Porosity trend prediction derived from the UltraSeis seismic data on the Dukhan field.
Data courtesy of Qatar Petroleum, Seeni et al. IPTC17533

From 200 to 600 million traces per sq km

Near-surface effects that contaminate seismic data are a major obstacle to reliable quantitative interpretation, particularly for Middle East and North African reservoirs. UltraSeis addresses this challenge by employing extremely dense surface sampling to record unaliased ground roll and guided waves arrivals, leading to a breakthrough in noise attenuation and signal-to-noise ratio.


UltraSeis image highlighting subtle structural features of the main reservoirs on the Dukhan field.
Data courtesy of Qatar Petroleum, Seeni et al. IPTC 17533.

Cost-effective: 1,000 sq km per month

UltraSeis can gather hundreds of millions of traces per sq km and achieve unprecedented cost-effective productivity rates through:

  • Unconstrained Blended Acquisition achieving 20,000 -100,000 VPs per day and 1,000 sq km per month
  • Proprietary and sophisticated de-blending technology running on massive compute resources
  • The Sercel 508XT recording system scalable to 1 million channels with zero downtime recording
  • High-productivity CleanSweep™ broadband vibroseis free from harmonic noise
  • Real-time in-field QC, handling several terabytes of data per day

Unmatched 6 octaves of bandwidth

UltraSeis delivers the broadest frequency bandwidth that is suitable for reservoir-quality seismic.

  • The combination of Sercel Nomad vibrators and the EmphaSeis™ broadband sweep delivers true low frequencies starting at 1.5 Hz
  • Combined with Sercel's 508XT recording system, QuietSeis™, the DSU1 digital sensor with MEMs accelerometers, records the best low-frequency response with the highest signal-to-noise ratio

Reservoir-driven processing

UltraSeis benefits from advanced high-resolution reservoir-driven processing tailored for high-density and broadband datasets by our experienced cross-disciplinary Subsurface Imaging and GeoConsulting reservoir teams. Well-based reservoir QC at key stages in the sequence ensures that the data is ready for quantitative interpretation applications.

Multi-physics integration

UltraSeis integrates multi-physics data that enriches near-surface knowledge and contributes to more accurate reservoir images and attributes.

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Leverage the broad frequency content of your data with low frequencies, free of harmonic noise, for more reliable inversion and interpretation.

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Mastering the full spectrum of geophysical techniques to design customized geophysical surveys for a wide range of industries.

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Optimize vibroseis source performance. Get better penetration and sharper images. Improve bandwidth for single or multicomponent analysis.
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