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Our passion for geoscience takes us down to the sea floor. We lead the industry in ocean bottom node and cable surveys through our Seabed Geosolutions joint venture with Fugro. Get a clearer picture of hydrocarbon prospects, reservoir characteristics and potential geohazards, from tidal shallows to the abyssal plain. We plan optimal surveys, often integrating with onshore and offshore seismic operations. Our high-quality multicomponent data supports imaging through gas clouds and provides more accurate images below complex overburdens. We are experts in full-azimuth broadband seabed processing, 4D and permanent reservoir monitoring.

Seabed Geosolutions is the market leader in providing comprehensive, custom-designed seabed seismic solutions. We leverage decades of operational knowledge and global expertise with more than 33,000 km2 of 3D and 13,000 km of 2D ocean bottom seismic (OBS) data acquired since 2005. Through the use of pioneering seismic technology positioned directly on the seabed, we provide high-quality multicomponent data that lets our clients make confident, informed decisions on field development to help resolve ambiguity in their reservoirs.

Seabed Geosolutions utilizes the most versatile and efficient technology in water depths ranging from 0 – 3000 m water depths. Our array of seabed imaging technologies include Ocean Bottom Nodes (OBN) and Ocean Bottom Cables (OBC).  We recently launched the next evolution of seismic technology, Manta®™, as we continue to invest in R&D  to ensure the best, most efficient technologies are available to our global client base.

Seabed Geosolutions was established in January 2013 to bring together the transition zone, ocean bottom cable and ocean bottom node geophysical activities of the two companies. The formation of the joint venture created a focused global leader benefiting from the synergy between Fugro's subsea activities and the pure-play geophysical strategy of CGG.

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Seabed - Ocean Bottom Seismic Processing

Ocean Bottom Seismic Processing

Count on CGG for ocean bottom seismic processing. All regions. All inputs. Integrated with marine streamer data. Enhanced coverage. 4D applications.
GeoConsulting - Reservoir Monitoring

Reservoir Monitoring

Realize the full value of your 4D data with petrophysically constrained inversions. Gain insight into fluid movements and geomechanical effects. We are time-lapse data experts.
Offshore - Source Technology Solutions

Source Technology Solutions

Our advanced source technology creates the right energy for your data and accurately monitors what has actually been delivered to maximize source resolution, stability and fidelity.
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