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CGG has been driving the evolution of multicomponent seismic for over 35 years, providing powerful reservoir insights for all environments. We have experience of processing multicomponent seismic data from challenging environments all over the world - from 3-component foothills surveys to 4-component transition zone OBC and deep water OBS - with the specialist knowledge and resources to handle problems unique to each. Complementary to our specialist processing modules and techniques are a full range of the latest imaging, interpretation and reservoir services, such as multicomponent inversion and fracture characterization, ensuring we can provide the full solution for your multicomponent seismic data.

Recent Development

Multicomponent processing benefits from latest techniques such as :

  • Joint PP and PS processing and joint velocity model building
  • PS least squares depth imaging and PS-CBM
  • Joint PP and PS elastic inversion
Multicomp Land

In this case study, joint inversion of high-resolution PP and PS images obtained from data recorded by Sercel DSU-3 sensors clearly discriminated between reservoir lithology and fluid effects.

Surface-consistent amplitude simultaneous joi...

Guillaume Henin | Katia Garceran | David Le Meur | Frederiqu...
©2014 SEG

Supervirtual S-wave refraction interferometry...

Kristof Demeersman | Yoones Vaezi
©2014 CGG

Enhancing gas field discovery by multicompone...

Xiao-Gui Miao | Pu Wang
GeoSoftware - HampsonRussell


World-class geophysical interpretation for seismic exploration and reservoir characterization, all accessible to any geophysicist.
Subsurface Imaging - SWANA


Remove ground roll, surface waves and guided waves, automatically adapted to changing conditions across the survey area.

Subsurface Imaging - Orthorhombic RTM

Orthorhombic RTM

Rely on Orthorhombic RTM to resolve azimuthal and polar anisotropy in fractured overburden. Improve structural imaging and spatial position from full-azimuth data.

Subsurface Imaging


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