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After thorough pre-stack processing and accurate model building, optimally migrate your seismic to obtain the best images of the subsurface. Our range of algorithms includes Kirchhoff, Beam, Controlled Beam Migration (CBM) and Reverse Time Migration (RTM). Choose isotropic or anisotropic - with VTI, HTI, TTI or T-OR anisotropy - to suit your project. All environments and acquisition types are supported. Take full advantage of your wide-azimuth and full-azimuth acquisition with technologies such as RTM Angle Gathers and Vector Offset Output.

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Applications of least-squares pre-stack depth...

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Improved subsalt images with least-squares re...

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Least-squares RTM: Reality and possibilities ...

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Subsurface Imaging - RTM

Reverse Time Migration

Create accurate seismic images in the most complex of geological environments.

Subsurface Imaging - Least-Squares Migration

Least-Squares Migration

Least-Squares Migration provides images with better balanced illumination, improved signal-to-noise ratio, reduced migration artifacts and more interpretable seismic amplitudes.

GeoSoftware - Geovation


Efficient, reliable and high-quality seismic imaging and processing software for the largest and most challenging datasets.
Subsurface Imaging - FWI

Full Waveform Inversion

Reveal intricate velocity details for the clearest images. Harness seismic low frequencies from BroadSeis, StagSeis, seabed and land data.

Subsurface Imaging - RTM Angle Gathers

RTM Angle Gathers

Retain the rich azimuth and reflection angle information carried in wide-azimuth data and bring the outstanding quality of RTM pre-stack.

Subsurface Imaging - Orthorhombic RTM

Orthorhombic RTM

Rely on Orthorhombic RTM to resolve azimuthal and polar anisotropy in fractured overburden. Improve structural imaging and spatial position from full-azimuth data.

Subsurface Imaging


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