Orthorhombic RTM

Geologic environments with fracture systems developed in different directions exhibit orthorhombic symmetry. Tilted bedding is a potential further complication, giving rise to tilted orthorhombic symmetry. In such a system, simple polar anisotropy such as VTI or TTI is insufficient to describe the seismic wave properties.

Orthorhombic RTM from CGG is the answer to such a problem. This uses a second order wave equation, stabilized by additional constraints on the Thomsen parameters. It yields flat gathers across all azimuths to provide high quality RTM images of complex structures in areas with multiple fracture orientations.

Orthorhombic RTM

In this example from the Perdido fold belt in the Gulf of Mexico, gathers using TTI tomography display inconsistent curvature across different azimuths. An orthorhombic velocity model resolves this, giving flatter gathers and hence a better final stack.

Tilted orthorhombic imaging for full azimuth ...

Qiaofeng Wu | Yunfeng (Fred) Li | Zhengxue Li | Weishan Han
©2013 EAGE

Improving Subsalt Images using Tilted-Orthorh...

Monica Thomas | Sabaresan Mothi-Venkatesan | Patrick Mcgill
©2012 SEG

Reverse Time Migration in Vertical and Tilted...

Houzhu Zhang | Yu Zhang
©2011 SEG
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