RTM Angle Gathers

RTM, together with wide azimuth (WAZ) acquisition, produces stunning stack images of complex structures. 3D common image gathers (CIGs) are now commercially available in production from our RTM algorithm. These retain the rich azimuth and reflection angle information carried in WAZ data and bring the outstanding quality of RTM to pre-stack data.

RTM gathers
VTI RTM data from Gulf of Mexico. Stack data (left) with yellow line annotating the location of an RTM 3D gather (right), displayed in six azimuth classes.


  • True amplitude
  • VTI/TTI anisotropy
  • Implemented for streamer, ocean bottom, VSP and land acquisition geometries


  • Anisotropic (TTI) velocity and anisotropy model-building
  • Robust input to high-resolution tomography for NAZ and WAZ data.
  • Improved azimuthal AVA analysis
  • Analyze true-amplitude reservoir attributes
  • Evaluate subsurface illumination and stack optimization for WAZ data

3D Angle gathers with Plane Wave Reverse Time...

Bing Tang | Sheng Xu | Yu Zhang
©2013 SEG

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Hao Shen | Sabaresan Mothi-Venkatesan
©2011 SEG

Revealing Subsalt Structure Using RTM 3D Dip ...

Yi Huang | Yang Li | Chang-chun Lee | Sabaresan Mothi | Yan Huang
©2016 SEG
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