Iterative Salt Imaging

Advances in computer power have vastly improved our ability to test and validate multiple interpretation scenarios. We not only deploy a robust scenario strategy, we implement it with exactly the same RTM technology as the final migration. But it’s not only computer power that brings value – it’s the experience of our interpreters coupled with our unrivaled portfolio of software such as Tornado, our advanced interactive interpretation tool.

It is critical that scenario tests meet three criteria:

  • Precision – imaging subsalt sediment can be extremely sensitive to variations in salt interpretation. A very small error in salt geometry can have a large impact on the scenario outcome.
  • Meaning – the scenario must fit the salt tectonics framework of the salt body.
  • Accuracy – getting the correct interpretation quickly, not just an interpretation is the true goal. One or two detailed scenario sequences will be faster than ten haphazard edits.
iterative salt imaging

An ambiguous base of salt event is commonplace in the central Gulf of Mexico, such as on this example from Garden Banks. RTM images have been generated with two different salt interpretation scenarios. The deeper keel on the right clearly improves the subsalt sediment imaging. Combining fast turnaround of RTMs with the experience of our interpreters, the result is an accurate salt interpretation in less time.

Subsurface Imaging - RTM

Reverse Time Migration

Create accurate seismic images in the most complex of geological environments.

Multi-Client Data - GOM Offshore

Gulf of Mexico

Wide and full-azimuth surveys including StagSeis full-azimuth, ultra-long-offset broadband data. Enhanced illumination and low-frequency penetration deliver staggering subsalt images
Offshore - BroadSeis Subsalt

BroadSeis Subsalt

The broad bandwidths with ultra-low frequencies achieved by BroadSeis are ideal for subsalt imaging without compromising high frequency shallow resolution.
Subsurface Imaging


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