Land SRME (Surface-Related Multiple Elimination)

Land SRME comparison

Complex surface-related multiples from out-of-plane reflectors can only be accurately modeled and attenuated with a full 3D SRME approach. In the past, 3D SRME has been used very successfully in marine data processing but less so for land data due to difficulties created by surface topography, statics, spatial sampling, noise and azimuthal limitations.

CGG new offers a data-driven true-azimuth full-offset conventional approach to Land 3D SRME.

Bring the Power of 3D SRME Onshore

The conventional SRME approach used for marine may struggle when used with land data due to several factors, such as variable surface conditions, poor spatial sampling, low signal-to-noise ratio, and statics.

Land 3D SRME uses primary reflections to predict multiples. Once the predicted multiple model is created, it is adaptively subtracted from the original data. Adaptive subtraction is a 4D approach incorporating inline, crossline, offset and time in order to preserve primary energy.

As a result, Land 3D SRME maximizes multiple removal and minimizes damage to the primaries, resulting in an improved subsurface image.

Practical implementation of SRME for land mul...

Juefu Wang | Shaowu Wang
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