Many types of noise exist in seismic data both coherent and random. It may be artificial, such as rig noise, or natural, such as swell noise. There's equally many methods of noise attenuation. Often we can separate signal from noise by using alternate dimensions or ways of arranging the seismic data. Our experience lets us pick the perfect denoise options from the vast seismic toolbox at our disposal. Cleaner data means more accurate model building and clearer migration results.

SWANA Surface Wave Attenuation

SWANA is just one of our many noise attenuation algorithms. It provides accurate and responsive noise removal by automatically adapting to spatially-varying ground roll characteristics in 2D and 3D domains, giving improved results over fixed parameter techniques such as FK.

SWANA Comparison SWANA removes the low-frequency aliased surface waves more effectively than conventional adaptive ground roll attenuation techniques.


  • Ground roll, surface wave and guided wave contamination of land data
  • Similar dispersive noise (e.g. "mud roll") on shallow water data
  • Ice- and permafrost-related noise on Arctic data


  • Fully data-driven
  • Flexible non-linear attenuation using FX modeling with a Wavelet Transform scheme
  • Does not require regular spatial sampling
  • Accommodates azimuthal variations in noise as observed in full-azimuth data


  • Preserves the amplitudes of both P and S body waves
  • Preserves data bandwidth
  • Recovers far-offset data allowing:
    • wider mute and more accurate velocity picking
    • more reliable AVO analysis

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