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We provide a unique range of technologies, services and equipment designed to deliver geoscience solutions right across the Exploration & Production life cycle. From innovative tools and datasets to help New Ventures teams select the most prospective acreage to integrated geoscience workflows and products which help drilling engineers plan, steer and complete shale development wells, we have solutions for your most difficult challenges.


Multi-Client Data - JumpStart

JumpStart Integrated Programs

Accelerate your exploration with CGG's JumpStart packages, integrating advanced seismic data with calibrated wells and geological data, all easily accessible from the same place
Offshore - BroadSeis for Development

BroadSeis for Development

Quantitative inversion, even without wells, for accurate models and better decisions delivered by the broadest bandwidth and best low frequencies.
GeoConsulting - Petroleum Economics

Petroleum Economics

Optimize your projects with our economic services. We have extensive experience in all major basins. Leverage our petroleum economics expertise.

GeoConsulting - Dynamic Reservoir Modelling

Dynamic Reservoir Modelling

Building integrated geological static reservoir models for dynamic flow simulation.

Data Management - National Data Repositories

National Data Repositories

Comprehensive NDR solutions for commercial entities and national governments. Transform your data into knowledge.

Multi-Physics - Potential Fields Interpretation

Multi-Physics Interpretation & Integration

Leverage our advanced interpretation expertise. Integrating potential fields, geological and seismic data for a multi-disciplinary understanding of your challenge.

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