Delineating Reservoirs & Understanding Connectivity

Maximize the potential of your reservoirs. To do this, you must first know their extent, and how their internal structure and fabric control production. These details drive reserves estimates, completion programs and daily production. Review geological knowledge, well logs, mineralogical analysis and survey data to build understanding. Supplement with additional surveys as needed to boost confidence in the data. Analyze and model using geoscience software to delineate the reservoir and predict how fluids will flow.

Delineating Reservoirs and Understanding Connectivity

Deciphering the Reservoir

For effective reservoir delineation and characterization, rely on CGG’s GeoConsulting services and GeoSoftware technology. In mature basins like the North Sea and in the unconventional plays of North America, our reservoir-oriented multi-client studies provide off-the shelf datasets for reservoir analysis.

To understand the reservoir requires geological knowledge at a variety of scales. Our complete portfolio of geological services from Robertson is unique in the industry and provides integrated analysis from well to basin, giving insight into provenance and reservoir quality.  

To get the most from your seismic interpretation and reveal the original depositional geometry of complex reservoirs, PaleoSpark will help interpreters to quickly create accurate depictions of the true paleo-depositional environment. The Robertson Analogues database is a valuable resource which can guide interpretation and reservoir model building. Use it to increase certainty in well correlations, connectivity predictions and facies modelling in clastic, carbonate and fractured reservoirs

Geostatistical inversion is a powerful tool to investigate the distribution and connectivity of sand bodies in the reservoir. High-resolution lithology simulations can be generated with HampsonRussell workflows to assess uncertainty in geobody volume and connectivity.

From accurate seismic interpretation and identification of stratigraphic packages, to the correct incorporation of multi-disciplinary data into the geomodel, our integrated geoscience, engineering and economic workflows cover the development of challenging reservoirs and can be used to rationalize your asset portfolio and thus optimize cash flow and rate of return.

A workflow for success in shales

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