Do I Have the Data I Need?

The right data reduces uncertainty. Do you have the data you need? Do you have enough of the right data? Leverage legacy data. Reprocess it to reveal new details. Review it for detail on surrounding geology. Consult national data repositories, regional studies and other sources to gather geological knowledge. Consult experts to determine whether additional acquisition or analysis can help in choosing the right development strategy.

Do I have the data I need?

Better Data for Better Decision-Making

With big decisions on field appraisal and development ahead, you need access to the right information. Do you have the data you need to support your field development plan?

You may already have a significant amount of legacy data. The question is can your asset team access it and trust it? Our data upcycling expertise can bring new life to legacy data. We can reformat,upgrade, QC, collate, interpret and deliver it to your asset team's workstations in interpretation-ready formats. Our services can be delivered at a range of scales including enterprise and national data repository solutions.

Explore what additional information is available off-the shelf in our multi-disciplinary multi-client data library. From our global hydrocarbon seep database, regional potential fields datasets, basin studies and targeted high-end 3D seismic, there may be valuable information available today to jump-start your appraisal & development program.

Seismic processing technology evolves rapidly. We have pioneered many recent developments in imaging and broadband processing which can transform your legacy conventional seismic data. Reprocessing represents a relatively quick and cheap way of updating your seismic, enhancing interpretation and subsurface understanding.

Sometimes big decisions require a new approach. If your existing surveys leave you with an uncertain picture of complex geological settings, you could benefit from the latest geophysical acquisition technology to deliver data which will give you a clearer image of the subsurface. From the latest Airborne Gravity Gradiometry surveys to full-azimuth broadband seismic, there are new techniques available which provide powerful imaging of previously obscured reservoirs.

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Data Management

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Quantitative inversion, even without wells, for accurate models and better decisions delivered by the broadest bandwidth and best low frequencies.
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Multi-Client Data - Potential Fields

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Multi-Client Data - GOM StagSeis

GOM StagSeis

StagSeis full-azimuth, ultra-long-offset broadband data in the Gulf of Mexico. Enhanced illumination. Low-frequency penetration. Staggering subsalt images. Reduced risk.
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Automated mineralogy. Hard data when and where you need it. Perform detailed rock property analyses. Steer wells. Optimize completions.