Data has always been at the heart of our industry. The volumes and types of E&P geoscience and engineering data are vast, and immensely varied. The opportunity and challenge we face with digitalization is to how to make the data work harder for us to improve our decision making, modify our workflows and innovate new ways of creating value.

We have already started our digitalization journey. Through a range of internal projects, commercial products and services, we are delivering digital transformation at an unprecedented scale. We are constructing geoscience-specific big data frameworks, using data analytics to identify key production drivers and applying machine learning to classify unstructured legacy documents and fix well logs with missing sections.

It is clear that subject matter expertise is paramount if geoscience digitalization is to be effective in creating new value. We can help you to navigate the process of digitalization so you can focus your geoscience expertise on creative problem solving and critical decision making, equipped with all the relevant data and the latest tools.


Mastering Digital Transformation

It’s about the delivery, not just about the data. CGG has decades of experience managing geoscience data. Our fundamental understanding of it has allowed us to deliver digital transformation at an unprecedented scale with Smart Data Solutions.

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Better Decisions Using All The Data

It’s about the expertise, not just the data science. Apply your domain expertise, ask the right questions of the relevant data and interpret the results in a meaningful way that creates value for your business. Let us help you to put your data and geoscience knowledge to work and make better decisions using all relevant data.

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Harnessing Machine Learning

It’s about insight, not just the data. Discover machine learning-enhanced workflows which automate the mundane and let you focus your geoscience talents on where they can really add value. Python extension and neural networks are part of the toolkit we have prepared for you to harness machine learning for your toughest reservoir challenges.

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GeoConsulting - Robertson New Ventures Suite

Robertson New Ventures Suite

An integrated family of exploration-focused geoscience tools and databases that provide a competitive edge in global new ventures screening and frontier exploration.
Data Management (new) - Digital Technology

Digital Technology

Our range of digital technologies is aimed at supporting data managers, whatever the size and scope of the requirement.

GeoSoftware - Python Extensions

Python Extensions

PowerLog Python Extensions is the most open and flexible python implementation available in the industry.