Better Decisions Using All The Data

Big Data technology provides access to volumes of data that were previously impossible to integrate. This allows us to observe new patterns, modify workflows, make predictions and gain new insights. To help you get there CGG is developing digitally transformed products and services.

It’s not just about the data science, it’s about the expertise. It’s using your domain knowledge to ask the right questions of the relevant data and interpret the results in a meaningful way that creates value.

Put your data and our combined expertise to work.
Make better decisions using all the data.

Using all of the relevant data to make better decisions means first placing it in a "data lake" - making it accessible for users and applications on a platform that supports Big Data. This is no mean feat. We can help you build and implement a taxonomy, migrate your data to the cloud and provide geoscience software-as-a-service so that everything is in place to support Big Data analytics.

Better decisions using all the data

Digitally-Transformed Geoscience Library

CGG is transforming its multi-client geological library through the GeoVerse™ digital transformation program. The Robertson New Ventures Suite is the first product from this program and is built on a common architecture and taxonomy used for all of our geoscience data. An integrated family of exploration-focused tools and databases, it offers new ways to access, interrogate and consume one of the richest databases of subsurface geoscience in the industry.

Geoscience Analytics

CGG is working with partners to bring meaningful data science to E&P. For example, GeoAnalytics combines industry-recognized analytical skills with CGG’s reservoir characterization expertise to rank the key production drivers revealed by your drilling and completion data.

Cloud Services

For E&P companies taking the next step toward minimizing complexity, increasing accessibility and reducing the cost of their data management, our cloud-based solution offers a trusted, highly flexible, integrated data storage environment via Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform.

GeoConsulting - GeoAnalytics


We link geoscience and engineering data with proven data analytics workflows to help you drill and complete more effective wells.

Data Management (new) - Digital Technology

Digital Technology

Our range of digital technologies is aimed at supporting data managers, whatever the size and scope of the requirement.

GeoConsulting - Robertson New Ventures Suite

Robertson New Ventures Suite

An integrated family of exploration-focused geoscience tools and databases that provide a competitive edge in global new ventures screening and frontier exploration.