Mastering Digital Transformation at scale

Digital transformation: the ability to rejuvenate legacy data and place it, alongside data we acquire today, into the hands of geoscientists and engineers so they can create new business value by applying new AI and analytics tool kits.

It sounds simple, but there are many challenges. Remediation of legacy media requires expert intervention. In the case of unstructured data collections, creating a taxonomy fit for the huge spectrum of geoscience data is a pre-requisite. Selecting the right big data management platform to democratize access for diverse teams and applications represents another challenge.

Our expertise can bring clarity and
help to deliver cost-effective digitalization.

It’s not just about the data, it’s about the delivery. We have decades of experience managing geoscience data. Our fundamental understanding of the creation of organized data collections, used as learning models, enable digital transformation with Smart Data Solutions. We have ongoing projects digitally transforming vast libraries of geoscience data, and delivering and managing industry-reference national data repositories.

Delivering Digital Transformation

Our industry has a wealth of data stranded in legacy formats. We also have an increasing volume of physical samples which are not digitally accessible. If we can liberate this data and make it accessible, we can realize new value from it.

Legacy Data Remediation

If you have a warehouse full of deteriorating tapes or other digital media, boxes full of old paper logs and rolls of seismic sections, or vast collections of scanned unstructured documents - we can help. We have industry-leading expertise in recovering data from all types of legacy magnetic and print media. We offer full damage recovery, QC, reformatting, concatenation and intelligent integration to a cloud-based system of record.

Digital Geology

Improve access to your archived core and cuttings samples by employing the latest digitization techniques to make key information from these assets instantly accessible to both human and machine users in the cloud. Our vision for digital downhole geology sees samples digitally captured using the latest technologies, such as hyperspectral core imaging, automated quantitative mineralogical analysis and detailed petrographic logging. If your asset teams want to go back to samples for further analysis and description, all of the metadata is there to facilitate.

Data Management (new) - Digitalization Services

Digitalization Services

Convert legacy or current text, pictures, and sound into easily accessible digital formats to help streamline workflows.

GeoConsulting - (update) Mineralogy


Nano-metre scale digital imaging, micron resolution digital petrographic analysis and quantitative mineralogy

Data Management (new) - NDR Solutions

National Data Repositories

Take advantage of our experience and recognized international best practices for managing NDRs, such as Norway’s Diskos.