Finding New Frontier Opportunities

Vast unexplored reaches offer the possibility of rich new hydrocarbon reservoirs. Exploration in these remote and often extreme environments is expensive and risky. Reduce both cost and risk by applying geological fundamentals and regional experience. Geological knowledge, gravity and magnetics reveal underlying geology and likely hydrocarbon migration. Offshore seeps provide evidence of active petroleum systems. Operational experience provides further context to narrow your targets. Take away the mystery. Improve your odds of success. Find new opportunities on the frontier.

Finding new frontier opportunities

Gain the Knowledge to Reduce Frontier Risk

CGG has an unrivaled knowledgebase of exploration-focused multi-client data and products to get you up to speed on new frontier opportunities. Start with the Robertson Basins & Plays database to understand play and basin scale petroleum geology. To gain an in-depth understanding of your target basin geology review the available Robertson Studies. For basin structure and architecture, benefit from the industry’s largest commercial potential fields data library and the interpretative legacy seismic and well packages available from GeoSpec. Hydrocarbon seeps are an indicator of active hydrocarbon systems, and NPA’s Seep Explorer has the most rigorous coverage of all the potential basins. Surface geochemistry analysis from GeoLab can then reveal the provenance and source maturity.

With regional expertise operating in some of the world’s most important frontier basins, CGG is ready to provide you with multi-client integrated geoscience programs featuring start-of-the-art broadband seismic and Airborne Gravity Gradiometer data to help you select your exploration well location. Visit our interactive online multi-client library to see what is already available in your basin.

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Interactive Library

Multi-Client Data - JumpStart

JumpStart Integrated Programs

Accelerate your exploration with CGG's JumpStart packages, integrating advanced seismic data with calibrated wells and geological data, all easily accessible from the same place
Multi-Client Data - NPA Hydrocarbon Seeps

Hydrocarbon Seeps

Use offshore seep mappings to de-risk your projects. Our satellite database covers more than 90% of all offshore sedimentary basins.
GeoConsulting - Robertson New Ventures Suite

Robertson New Ventures Suite

An integrated family of exploration-focused geoscience tools and databases that provide a competitive edge in global new ventures screening and frontier exploration.
Multi-Physics - Potential Fields Interpretation

Multi-Physics Interpretation & Integration

Leverage our advanced interpretation expertise. Integrating potential fields, geological and seismic data for a multi-disciplinary understanding of your challenge.

Multi-Client Data - Ireland

Porcupine Basin - Ireland

New broadband seismic in the Porcupine Basin off western Ireland.
Multi-Client Data - Geospec UK Terracube

GeoSpec UK TerraCube

Revitalised, merged and regridded legacy data with added value products