Ranking Leads & Prospects

You have your options before you. How do you decide which to pursue? We can help you evaluate the geological potential and economics of each lead and prospect. Armed with that analysis, you can rank and select your best projects. Tap into our geophysical multi-client library, and geological knowledgebase complete with details of petroleum systems, basins and wells. Take advantage of our advanced survey capabilities, including seismic, multi-physics and geology. Consult our experts on acreage evaluation, exploration and asset valuation.

Ranking leads and prospects

Benefit from independent and respected exploration expertise

With tough decisions ahead on license rounds and farm-in opportunities you could benefit from CGG’s exploration consulting services, headed by Robertson. From expert geological technical services to Petroleum Economics and Reservoir Engineering we can help you to evaluate acreage and assets.

Having the right data at hand is critical. CGG’s extensive and multi-disciplinary multi-client data library is a one-stop shop for the latest in geological, potential fields and seismic data. Don’t neglect the opportunities provided by your legacy well and seismic data. This can be transformed into actionable information by our Data Management Services teams.

When you need additional information to define your basin structure, consider our cost-effective and rapid Falcon®Plus Airborne Gravity Gradiometer service, providing the structural context between sparse wells and seismic. To place your exploration well accurately, the latest broadband seismic acquisition and tailored acquisition designs will provide the resolution and penetration you need.

With our recognized Subsurface Imaging expertise, you can be sure you have the best start to interpret complex stratigraphy and deep water sub-salt plays with our BroadSeis™ and StagSeis™ volumes. Complex plays also require powerful interpretation tools such as GeoSoftware’s InsightEarth® suite to untangle depositional structures and understand naturally fractured reservoirs.

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GeoConsulting - (update) Robertson Studies: Red Books

Robertson Studies: Red Books

Become an instant expert. Choose from more than 500 global thematic, regional and licensing round reports.
Offshore - BroadSeis for Exploration

BroadSeis for Exploration

Clear images of prospects at all levels delivered by the broadest bandwidth with the best low frequencies.
Data Management (new) - Well Database Solutions

Well Database Solutions

Our specialized services for well log compilations include core analysis, geothermal and pressure data.

GeoConsulting - Petroleum Economics

Petroleum Economics

Optimize your projects with our economic services. We have extensive experience in all major basins. Leverage our petroleum economics expertise.

Multi-Physics - Falcon® Plus

Falcon® Plus

Depend on the world’s lowest-noise gravity gradiometer designed specifically for airborne use to deliver high quality gravity data.
GeoSoftware - Insight Earth


Innovative 3D visualization, interpretation and volume processing. InsightEarth’s leading-edge interpretation tools and techniques complement your existing workflows.