The reservoir is delineated. The development plan is executed. Now it is time to optimize production. Time to increase the accuracy of your reservoir model. Time to go after remaining resources with new approaches. Time to extend the life of the field.

Increasing the Accuracy of Your Reservoir Models

To extract the most from a field, you need the most detail. How does the reservoir connect? What will move the resource to the well bore? How can it be produced most efficiently? More accurate models come from more accurate data.

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Infrastructure and Hazards

Infrastructure affects everything. Safety, environment, cost and even the overall success of the field. Identifying geohazards, mapping the best route for pipelines, co-locating facilities for efficiency are a few of the many engineering tasks required to plan the infrastructure.

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Extending the Life of Mature Fields

Mature field production declines, although a massive volume of hydrocarbons remains. Reservoirs change. How do you adapt to get the most from your asset? Understand dynamic reservoir behavior to pick the right strategy. Tune up your EOR programs. Find unswept compartments. Plan infill wells.

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GeoConsulting - (new) Lithology Classification

Lithology & Facies Classification

Defining lithology classes and prediciting facies distribution to gain a better understanding of the reservoir rocks and fluids

Offshore - GeoHazards

Solutions for Geohazards

Clear, high-resolution near-surface images to delineate the smallest structures. Over 6 octaves of data from BroadSource for shallow hazard identification.
Offshore - Broadband 4D

Broadband 4D

A toolbox of 4D broadband options, including ultra-high frequency BroadSource, all forward and backward compatible with all other 4D solutions