Increasing the Accuracy of Your Reservoir Models

Static models and flow simulations are only as good as the data used to build them. We integrate geologic and geophysical data into a cohesive reservoir picture to help ensure your model is more accurate and matches observed production results. Our experts design surveys optimized for your particular objectives. Our crews collect broadband data, enhancing your interpretation. Our reservoir analysis tools identify the lithology and rock properties within the zone of interest. The resulting models better reflect geological reality and the engineering data.

Increasing the Accuracy of Your Reservoir Models

A Multi-Disciplinary Approach

We provide an integrated approach to reservoir modelling, tailored to the  complexity and maturity of each field. We choose the most appropriate technologies and workflows to ensure the resulting geomodels address the development and production challenges faced by asset teams and reservoir engineers. With newly acquired geomechanical expertize, we can offered coupled reservoir-geomechanical modeling and simulation to provide deeper insight into production for reservoir engineers.
To understand reservoir heterogeneity and represent it in a robust reservoir model requires the right data and a multi-disciplinary approach. Our expertise spans equipment, acquisition, geological and geophysical reservoir characterization, allowing us to develop effective programs which deliver accurate results. From feasibility and survey design, to the latest broadband seismic and reservoir-driven sub-surface imaging, we can provide seismic attributes fit for rock property estimation at the field scale.

Take advantage of the reservoir-quality broadband seismic data provided by our BroadSeis™ and UltraSeis™ solutions, and seabed surveys with our Seabed Geosolutions solutions JV. The ultra-low frequencies they deliver improves facies discrimination and the reliability of lithology predictions away from wells.

At the well scale, our expert geological services, build the stratigraphic framework. PowerLog® provides a powerful well log interpretation environment for petrophysics and rock physics analysis. Once a rock physics template is defined, reservoir properties, such as thickness, porosity and saturation, can be evaluated through a joint petrophysical inversion

To combine this information and bridge the gap from well-to-field, our GeoConsulting teams use integrated workflows to generate detailed geomodels. These models are geologically-consistent both spatially and at the wells and can be populated with a range of quantitative reservoir attributes. EarthModelBuilder provides rapid answers for scenario testing and production forecasting to enhance your reservoir model.

When it comes to updating your reservoir model with more detailed information to better match production results and to plan the next phase in field development, our multi-disciplinary expertise can streamline the process. 

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Offshore - BroadSeis for Production

BroadSeis for Production

Quantitative inversion, even without wells, for accurate models and better decisions delivered by the broadest bandwidth and best low frequencies.
Subsurface Imaging - FWI

Full Waveform Inversion

Reveal intricate velocity details for the clearest images. Harness seismic low frequencies from BroadSeis, StagSeis, seabed and land data.

GeoSoftware - Jason


Advanced technology in seismic inversion and reservoir characterization. Optimize well productivity, field development and reservoir management.
Data Management (new) - Well Database Solutions

Well Database Solutions

Our specialized services for well log compilations include core analysis, geothermal and pressure data.

GeoSoftware - PowerLog


The benchmark for petrophysics, rock physics, facies analysis and statistical mineralogy. Collaborative multi-well log analysis made easy for better drilling decisions.

Multi-Client Data - JumpStart Encontrado

JumpStart Mexico

Our Encontrado integrated geoscience program provides all the information you need to jumpstart exploration in the highly prospective Perdido region of the Gulf of Mexico.