Regional Focus

The focus of natural resource exploration & development shifts around the world driven by new discoveries, geopolitics and economic factors. With a truly multi-disciplinary outlook, our global coverage and local expertise can provide you with geoscience insight for your current and future priorities, whether they are mature fields or frontier basins.

Recent licensing rounds have provided significant new opportunities in Mexico, where we have a long history of operating and unique insight. The prolific Atlantic margins are another area of focus where he have extensive multi-client libraries and well established local footprints to support our clients. Mature basins such as the North Sea and Middle East still hold great potential which can be unlocked with the latest technology. Wherever the focus moves next, you can rely on CGG to provide insight with the geoscience data and solutions you need.

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New Opportunities offshore Gabon

CGG Multi-Client and New Ventures have combined with Robertson to conduct a major JumpStart™ integrated geological and geophysical study of this prolific Atlantic Margin region which includes 25,000 km² of new 3D BroadSeis²™ multi-client seismic data. This definitive exploration resource for the deepwater Gabon margin is available now to support the 12th Offshore Licensing Round.

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Exploring Mexico

The restructuring of Mexico's energy sector brings new opportunities, but also, in today's climate of low oil prices, new challenges. Our 30 years of geoscience experience and local knowledge gives us the technical and operational experience to increase exploration success from deepwater to onshore unconventionals.

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Discovering Australia

Australia is still a largely unexplored region with a wealth of natural resources. Our Airborne multi-physics expertise provides cost-effective and rapid prospecting of large areas for mineral deposits and hydrocarbon basins. Offshore, our broadband marine acquisition techniques and high-end multi-client data are ideal tools for understanding the potential of the prolific North West shelf.

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GeoConsulting - (update) Robertson Basins and Plays

Robertson Basins & Plays

Extensive play fairway and petroleum systems database. Robertson Basins and Plays supports faster decisions, giving you the competitive edge in licensing rounds.
Multi-Client Data - GeoStore


View all our multi-client data in your area. Explore the new and improved CGG GeoStore interactive map.

Multi-Client Data - Seismic

Seismic Data

The most recent and technologically advanced multi-client data library in the world’s key locations
GeoConsulting - EV2

Discover GeoConsulting

CGG GeoConsulting brings together the full scope of CGG's geoscience knowledge and capability to offer our clients support across the entire range of the oil and gas workflow.
Subsurface Imaging - FWI

Full Waveform Inversion

Reveal intricate velocity details for the clearest images. Harness seismic low frequencies from BroadSeis, StagSeis, seabed and land data.

Offshore - Products and Solutions

Offshore Products & Solutions

Advanced technologies and innovative solutions to address your acquisition challenges - increase resolution, enhance illumination and improve efficiency.