Geoscience Expertise in the Asia-Pacific Region

Integrated Solutions for Mineral and Hydrocarbon Exploration & Production

CGG's regional centers in the Asia-Pacific region deliver our full range of geoscience services with local R&D support. Our innovative integrated solutions provide the information required for the successful exploitation of the region's mineral and hydrocarbon resources at every stage from exploration, through development, to production, both onshore and offshore.


Multi-Disciplinary Multi-Client Data Library

Our data library includes the most advanced broadband seismic datasets, using BroadSeis™ and BroadSource™ technologies, with state-of-the-art Subsurface Imaging in the key locations. 

We have over 2 million line km of aeromagnetic data in the area, including an advanced airborne gravity gradiometer survey in East Indonesia

Our extensive geological knowledge of the area includes several non-proprietary, in-depth geological Robertson Studies. Subscription Robertson Suite geological database products and tools deliver valuable insight into potential prospectivity and enable plays to be evaluated.

Our Seep Explorer database from NPA Satellite Mapping is an important tool in the detection of active oil and gas seeps both on and offshore to reduce uncertainty and exploration risk in under-explored areas.


Subsurface Imaging

Our world-leading Subsurface Imaging Centres throughout the region provide innovative technologies to obtain the best possible surface and borehole seismic images. Locally focused R&D is able to develop the algorithms to cope with the regional challenges, such as multiple attenuation and data driven Frequency Shift Q-tomography, working with Q-PSDM to compensate for the intrinsic absorption of the earth. The local expertise is backed up by a global research group to provide exceptional people using remarkable technology to deliver outstanding service.


Multi-Physics Solutions

CGG Multi-Physics has a long history of service to the mineral exploration and hydrocarbon industries . Our key technologies span a wide range of applications and tailored solutions for all aspects of exploration from project design, through acquisition by air, land or sea, to renowned Multi-Physics Imaging and interpretation. 
The Falcon Plus, purpose-designed Airborne Gravity Gradiometry system provides high resolution with the lowest noise, and our Helicopter EM capabilities range from high resolution and shallow to powerful and deep.
Multi-Physics data can be combined with seismic to give confidence to interpretation of sparse datasets. Offshore, marine gravity data can be used as an aid to interpretation and to constrain velocity modeling


Seismic Acquisition Services

Our land-crews are experts in all environments, with agile, cost-effective innovative offers that maintain our renowned high-quality, from sparse 2D surveys to high-density broadband 3D seismic. We maximize Vibroseis content to reduce project turnaround and minimize our environmental foorprint by making use of existing paths and access routes to deliver unique broadband quality, using EmphaSeis and CleanSweep low-frequency single sensors and versatile Unite® wireless technology.

Our marine towed-streamer crews have proven experience in designing tailored solutions to specific challenges, whether for improved resolution, illumination or efficiency. Our comprehensive broadband acquisition portfolio enables us to select the optuimum broadband solution, including the BroadSeis- BroadSource combination for the widest available towed-streamer bandwidth with the best low-noise low frequencies. High repeatability for 4D monitoring, is enabled by our  integrated vessel, source and streamer steering systems .


GeoConsulting & GeoSoftware

Powered by CGG GeoSoftware's leading tools in seismic reservoir characterization and geomechanics from Jason®, HampsonRussell and InsightEarth™, and supported by an expert team of geophysicists, petrophysicists, geologists and engineers, CGG GeoConsulting provides a unique breadth of experience and capability to help solve our clients conventional and unconventional reservoir needs.

RoqScan™, a fully portable automated mineralogical system, can perform quantitative semi-real-time rock property analyses at the well site, core stores, field office or the laboratory to help constrain petrophysical models, correlate wells and improve production efficiencies .

InSAR surface deformation monitoring solutions  improve reservoir management and strengthen geohazard assessments.


Data Management Services

Our complete Data Management Service experts provide a range of digital technology solutions aimed at supporting data managers, whatever the size and scope of the requirement. Solutions have also been developed, to meet the needs of national regulatory organizations, and those seeking a data room to support license rounds, or the sale of E&P data assets

We make your data available at the point of need, in the format required and to the best possible quality, enabling you to turn data into information



GeoTraining brings together the full breadth of CGG’s skill development programs to provide the E&P industry with comprehensive geoscience workforce learning path programs. GeoTraining combines over 80 years of practical experience training our own employees with the learning for development offerings of CGG University, Robertson, GeoSoftware and Data Management Services.

Subsurface Imaging

Subsurface Imaging

We turn geophysical data into actionable information. Our internationally acclaimed subsurface imaging centers apply innovative methods to get the most out of potential field, borehole seismic and surface seismic data.

Multi-Client Data

Multi-Client Portfolio

CGG offers the industry’s most recent and technologically advanced multi-client data library in the world’s key locations. Access the largest geological and geophysical resource in the industry.

Discover GeoConsulting

CGG GeoConsulting brings together the full scope of CGG's geoscience knowledge and capability to offer our clients support across the entire range of the oil and gas workflow.

Offshore - Offshore Acquisition Solutions

Offshore Acquisition Solutions

Tailored marine acquisition services for all your needs, delivered by experienced people, delivering exceptional service, using the best technology.
Multi-Physics - Airborne Gravity & Magnetics

Airborne Gravity & Magnetics

Cover large unexplored areas with airborne gravity and magnetics, and get full geological perspective.


We are the only worldwide geophysical service provider that offers a complete portfolio of services to support the exploration, development and production of natural resources onshore.