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The restructuring of Mexico's energy sector has brought about the expected surge in interest with numerous vessels blanketing the entire Mexican area of the Gulf of Mexico with 2D seismic. CGG believes that the complexity of this area demands more than generic 2D data. Our unique breadth of geoscience experience and local knowledge of the country, with a regional processing center established in 1988, and geophysicists, petrophysicists, geologists and engineers, gives us the technical, operational and geological experience and range of multi-client products in Mexico to deliver the integrated geoscience solutions to accelerate and improve your E&P decision making.

Geology, Geophysics and Reservoir Services

inversionOur local office has 30 years experience of subsurface imaging in Mexico, developing extensive regional expertise, backed up by global research and development to provide exceptional people using remarkable technology to deliver outstanding service.

Our GeoConsulting group has over 20 years experience, completing over 250 reservoir projects. Our strong Seismic Reservoir Characterization group have produced AVO assessments for all wells over the last decade and recently completed a detailed inversion project over Ayatsil. They also have petrophysical, geomechanical and geostatistical workflows specifically developed for shale and unconventional reservoirs to ensure optimal location and completion of wells.

Our Reservoir Optimization Package was designed in the USA to provide an integrated, scientific approach to shale development. Our reservoir characterization identifies the most promising areas and enables optimization of development, drilling and completion programs

Multi-Disciplinary Multi-Client Data

seismicOur Encontrado reprocessing project consists of over 38,000 km² of wide-azimuth seismic data, (mostly in deep Mexican waters) and covers the Trion discovery in the Perdido fold belt.  This state-of-the-art reprocessing will deliver the proven illumination benefits of wide-azimuth data for subsalt imaging, and be imaged by CGG's world-leading Subsurface Imaging group.

CGG Multi-Physics offers magnetic and gravimetric studies from the most complete data library in North America. We have recently acquired over 200,000 line km of new multi-client airborne gravity and magnetic data to help you plan your development activities. 

geological interpretatonWe have extensive geological knowledge of the area, with various non-proprietary Robertson Studies to help you become an expert right away, including the new Robertson Petroleum Review of Mexico.

Subscription geological database products and tools enable plays to be evaluated, with invaluable insights into potential exploration volumes and values.

Our Seep Explorer database is an important tool in the detection of active oil and gas seeps in frontier or under-explored basins to greatly reduce exploration risk.

Acquisition Services

acquisitionCGG has extensive experience of towed streamer seismic acquisition in Mexican waters, having acquired over 150,000km2 of 3D, wide-azimuth and broadband data for Pemex since 2009.  This is complemented by our full-azimuth StagSeis experience in the US Gulf of Mexico, and worldwide 4D acquisition capabilities with an advanced 4D toolbox.

StagSeis is just one example of the surveys we design to specifically meet your challenge, with innovative geometries and imaging solutions for complex geologies, difficult to access areas or time and budget constraints.

Our seismic expertise is complemented by our world-leading airborne and marine multiphysics data acquisition and interpretation.


GeoTraining brings together the full breadth of CGG’s skill development programs to provide the E&P industry with comprehensive geoscience workforce learning path programs. GeoTraining combines over 80 years of practical experience training our own employees with the learning for development offerings of CGG University, Robertson, Jason, Hampson-Russell, Insight Earth and Data Management Services.


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Multi-Client Data - Encontrado Mexico


Multi-client reprocessing of over 38,000sq km of wide-azimuth data, mostly in deep water Mexican waters, covering the prospecitive Perdido fold area and the Trion discovery
GeoConsulting - Shale Science

Shale Science

Take a scientific approach to shales. Our team predicts the most promising zones and optimizes development, drilling and completion programs.
Multi-Client Data - JumpStart Encontrado

JumpStart Mexico

Our Encontrado integrated geoscience program provides all the information you need to jumpstart exploration in the highly prospective Perdido region of the Gulf of Mexico.
Offshore - Tailored Acquisition Solutions

Tailored Acquisition Solutions

Acquisition tailored to your geological challenges, time or budgetary constraints. Innovative spread designs and imaging solutions for complex geologies or time-limited or difficult access.
Multi-Client Data - JumpStart

JumpStart Integrated Programs

Accelerate your exploration with CGG's JumpStart packages, integrating advanced seismic data with calibrated wells and geological data, all easily accessible from the same place
Multi-Physics - North America MC GravMag Data

Gravity & Magnetic Data NA

CGG Multi-Physics offers gravity & magnetic data from the most comprehensive data library in North America. Contact us for coverage for your entire survey or for specific areas of interest.