Gabon South Basin JumpStart Integrated Program

CGG  has conducted an integrated JumpStart™ study on the Gabon South Basin to provide new insight into the underexplored deepwater acreage, some of which is available in the current 12th licensing round. The study provides a new regional stratigraphic interpretation as well as source, reservoir and trap risk, and an additional volume comprising detailed seismic interpretation and attributes based on the state-of-the-art 25,000km² BroadSeis™ dataset. This unique integrated study is the definitive exploration resource for the deepwater Gabon margin.

Gabon GDEGross depositional environment map

Key objectives

  • Redefining the Gabon South Basin stratigraphy
  • Source presence, type, distribution and maturity
  • Reservoir presence, type, distribution and quality both pre- and post-salt
  • Regional and local seal characteristics
  • Timing of the formation of pre-salt traps and their impact on the migration and entrapment of hydrocarbons

Study database

36 wells, including ten within the 3D seismic coverage

Well Study Database Highlights

Key wells within the new 3D seismic coverage:

  • Renee-1
  • Tiya-1
  • Judy-1
  • Astarte-1
  • Genny-1
  • West Dentale-1
  • Jeannette-1
  • West Dentale-2
  • Aulica-1
  • Faro-1
GabopnwellmapLocation of new 3D BroadSeis dataset and regional well data


The report comprises two volumes. The first volume focuses on the regional geology of the entire Gabon South Basin, providing context for the new 3D BroadSeis seismic data. The second volume utilizes the interpretation from the newly acquired seismic and focuses solely on the 25,000 km2 target area. The volumes are available to license separately.

Top CretaceousTop Cretaceous surface revealing underlying salt structure and associated mega-scale gravity slide system

Volume 1: Gabon South Basin geological setting

  • Integrated potential fields interpretation for selected regional data
  • Structural elements map for the region
  • Detailed plate reconstructions at key time slices based on the Plate Wizard deformable plate model
  • Palaeogeographic maps for key time slices
  • Interpretation of key wells with revised stratigraphy
  • New stratigraphic chart for the deep offshore Gabon South Basin
  • Representative geological section with play concepts
  • Summary geological report outlining the potential implications for regional prospectivity

Volume 2: Gabon South Basin target area full basin model and prospectivity

  • Depth structure maps, with seismic attribute maps and thickness maps of key intervals including depth-to-basement, the Barremian-Aptian syn‑rift, Aptian sag sequence, Late Aptian Ezanga salt, Albian Madiela carbonates, Upper Cretaceous and Lower Tertiary turbidites
  • Integrated interpretation of satellite slick data with shallow seismic anomalies
  • Key source rock distribution and potential maturity maps
  • Key reservoir rock distribution and quality maps
  • Full report including prospectivity evaluation and play maps within the 3D seismic survey area

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