Unconventional Resources

Unconventional resource plays are different. Determining the best drilling locations, completion methods and production plans must be different too. Heavy oil, tight gas and shale plays all require better subsurface information and a deeper understanding. Rely on experts to ensure the best results.

Exploring shale plays

Exploring Shale Plays

Where is the economic acreage in vast shale plays? What makes the difference between great wells and not so great? Sweet spots. Resource mix. Relative brittleness. Fracture orientation. Find the core acreage with better subsurface knowledge. Prioritize drilling locations.

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Monitoring EOR for heavy oil

Monitoring EOR for Heavy Oil

Recovery effectiveness in heavy oil is key to favorable economics. Reducing the steam/oil ratio and increasing production are essential to better return on investment. How do you move from inefficient resource extraction to effective and controlled oil recovery?

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Optimizing drilling and completions in shale

Optimizing Drilling and Completions in Shale

Do you know where to frac? Success in shales depends on optimizing completions. Placement of the wellbore is the first step. Accurate placement of fracture stimulation stages is the next. Too many stages fail to produce results. Too many wells perform below their potential.

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Multi-Client Data - ROP


Onshore USA we implement advanced workflows especially designed for optimal reservoir characterization and geomechanical models in shale and other unconventional plays.
GeoSoftware - Advanced Geostatistical Inversion

Advanced Geostatistical Inversion

Integrate disparate data and interpretations across all pertinent geoscience domains into highly detailed and predictive sub-surface reservoir characterizations.
Multi-Client Data - North-America-Land

North America Onshore

Advanced seismic data and Reservoir Packages to bring science to your exploration and optimize drilling and completion