Exploring Shale Plays

Shale plays are vast and varied. They offer huge potential but can be frustratingly inconsistent. Getting the most from these plays requires study and planning. Combine seismic and petrophysical analyses to characterize the subsurface. Use our multi-client reservoir packages to determine relative rock brittleness, natural stresses and fracture orientation to understand likely flow patterns. Identify sweet spots with just the right mix of resources and fractures and you find the core acreage for development.

Exploring Shale Plays

Geoscience Gives You the Edge

To be the first mover is a significant advantage in the race to obtain core acreage for shale development. To have the detailed knowledge of the prospectivity of an area before acquiring leases or permits is paramount and provides a competitive edge in obtaining the acreage with the highest production potential.

Production rates can be highly variable across shale plays, so a thorough understanding of the geology is key. Start by building a robust geological framework using the available data. CGG can help. Our extensive multi-client library includes recent reservoir-oriented seismic programs with reservoir packs, extensive gravity and magnetics coverage, legacy well data and Robertson Studies which range from basin prospectivity overviews to detailed studies for plays like the Muddy & Mowry formations of the Powder River Basin.

If you are in entering a new play, then we can provide the proprietary data you need to get a competitive edge and select initial drilling locations. Airborne multi-physics techniques provide rapid and cost-effective basin-wide insight. Our acquisition and subsurface imaging experts will help to select the optimum parameters for new broadband wide-azimuth seismic surveys. Cableless acquisition technology will increase coverage and productivity. The latest subsurface imaging technology will tackle stubborn multiples, mitigate surface limitations with 5D interpolation and preserve AVO and azimuthal information. Seismic Reservoir Characterization calibrated and constrained by geological data will then deliver the lithological and geomechanical attribute volumes which help identify sweet spots.

Get the big picture. Understand the character of your shale play and focus on the most promising acreage.

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Multi-Client Data - ROP


Onshore USA we implement advanced workflows especially designed for optimal reservoir characterization and geomechanical models in shale and other unconventional plays.
Equipment -  UNITE


Get better coverage with the most flexible cableless system. Safely survey sensitive environments. Remotely harvest data without interruption. Seamless cable and cableless integration.

Multi-Client Data - North-America-Land

North America Onshore

Advanced seismic data and Reservoir Packages to bring science to your exploration and optimize drilling and completion
Multi-Physics - North America MC GravMag Data

Gravity & Magnetic Data NA

CGG Multi-Physics offers gravity & magnetic data from the most comprehensive data library in North America. Contact us for coverage for your entire survey or for specific areas of interest.

Subsurface Imaging - REVIVE


Use 5 interpolation dimensions to fill coverage gaps and increase spatial sampling whilst preserving original recorded data.

GeoConsulting - (update) RoqScan


Automated mineralogy. Hard data when and where you need it. Perform detailed rock property analyses. Steer wells. Optimize completions.