Monitoring EOR For Heavy oil

Make your heavy oil enhanced recovery projects more effective by understanding where your steam is going. We can help you move away from inefficient resource extraction. Reduce your steam/oil ratio. Increase production and mitigate risk. Using our reservoir characterization and monitoring expertise, you can achieve better well placement, monitor the steam chamber and model cap rock integrity.

Monitoring EOR For Heavy oil

New Insight From Integrated Reservoir Characterization

To ensure production engineers get the best geomodel to design their EOR program and perform flow simulations, we use the latest integrated reservoir characterization workflows incorporating petrophysical analysis, geological data and rock physics modelling.

To aid well planning, geostatistical inversion cascaded with lithology classification provides better estimates of net pay, delineates shale plugs and the connectivity of bitumen sand geobodies. Anisotropic analysis and inversion of 3D wide-azimuth seismic provides insight into the fractures and stress above and in the reservoir. Where multicomponent seismic is available, improved lithology discrimination can be achieved with multicomponent inversion schemes. Production monitoring with 4D seismic can be coupled to other datasets with 4D simulator-to-seismic workflows utilising rock physics templates. These provide production scenario testing and aid the interpretation of 4D seismic data.

To optimize enhanced oil recovery programs and mitigate risk during steam injection, our unique Geosim coupled geomechanical and reservoir simulator includes thermal effects and can tie together all the data to give you the complete picture of reservoir behavior and caprock integrity during production. Geomechanical effects during steam injection are large and often observable at the surface in the form of ground deformation. InSAR satellite monitoring can measure this with millimeter precision, providing additional data to calibrate the geomechanical model. 

Count on CGG's multi-disciplinary expertise to provide new insight for your Heavy Oil project.


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