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In all environments, we acquire, process and interpret surveys that provide our clients with a comprehensive understanding of subsurface targets and their geological settings. We deliver our unique expertise in geoscience technology and project management through our three complementary business Divisions: Equipment, Acquisition and GGR (Geology, Geophysics & Reservoir).

On land, at sea or in the air, in remote regions and extreme climates or in urban areas, CGG serves its clients even in their most complex and ambitious projects. By providing them with the industry's most innovative technologies and the highest level of expertise available, we help our clients meet the energy and environmental challenges of today and tomorrow.


Our Equipment Division, with Sercel, designs, manufactures and markets a comprehensive range of innovative and reliable seismic systems and reservoir monitoring instruments. Oilfield service companies and geophysical contractors from across the globe use our equipment for seismic exploration and reservoir monitoring in onshore, offshore (streamers and ocean bottom equipment), transition zone and downhole environments.


CGG Marine


We help our clients image the most complex targets and delineate shallow hazards. Ours is one of the most high-end fleets, acquiring broadband, wide-azimuth, ultra-long offset, full-azimuth and 4D data. Single or multiple vessels deploy state-of-the-art BroadSeisTM or StagSeisTM acquisition technology.

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CGG Land


Our surveys acquire seismic, gravity and magnetic data as well as properties such as target-based nearsurface resistivity. Projects span from massive Middle East operations in mature fields to small-scale environmental and hydrogeological site investigations. Reservoir monitoring services provide real-time input for enhanced production and risk mitigation. Seabed acquisition is conducted by Seabed Geosolutions BV, a joint venture with Fugro (owned 60% by Fugro and 40% by CGG).

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CGG Multi-Physics


We offer timely and cost-effective multi-physics solutions encompassing gravity, magnetic, electromagnetic and radiometric surveys with the most comprehensive and advanced range of airborne fixed-wing and helicopter systems. Together with the gravity and magnetic data acquisition capabilities we can also offer from a broad range of boats, Multi-Physics is able to leverage decades of expertise in applying these geophysical methods offshore as well as onshore.

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Subsurface Imaging & Reservoir (GGR)

GGR brings together the skills and expertise of some of the most trusted brands in the industry. Our innovative thinking, region-specific expertise and game-changing technology allow us to deliver high-impact solutions across the E&P value chain.

CGG Subsurface Imaging

Subsurface Imaging

Our industry-leading solutions provide a much clearer understanding of the reservoir and minimize risk. We turn geophysical data into actionable information. “Technology, reliability, safe pair of hands” are the guiding principles of our Subsurface Imaging staff to produce extremely precise images of the Earth’s subsurface even in areas of complex overburdens, using our industry-leading geovation software. In over 29 centers worldwide we advise clients how to address their latest imaging challenges.

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CGG GeoSoftware


Our geoscientists develop sophisticated algorithms and intuitive interfaces to reveal key information from geophysical data. Hampson-Russell, Jason and Insight Earth® are globally respected brands providing a comprehensive set of software tools and support for multidisciplinary teamwork including well log analysis, seismic reservoir characterization, petrophysics, structural and seismic interpretation and reservoir modeling.

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CGG GeoConsulting

GeoConsulting and Smart Data Solutions

Our consulting services provide comprehensive reservoir knowledge that helps our clients better understand their reservoirs and maximize ultimate recovery. Our sound knowhow in seismic reservoir characterization and the consulting expertise of Robertson, from global tectonics to samples analysis, geochemistry, petroleum engineering and economics, are combined to offer a truly integrated interpretation of the reservoir that maximizes production and reduces risks. In addition, NPA Satellite Mapping interprets and distributes satellite imagery to provide mapping solutions, including a unique global hydrocarbon seeps database, a valuable complement to our Multi-Client data library. Our Smart Data Solutions transform data into knowledge by providing validated, interpretation-ready data, consultancy and training.

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Multi-Client and New Ventures

CGG Multi-Client Data Library

Multi-Client Data Library

We offer our clients the industry’s most recent and technologically advanced seismic, gravity, magnetic and well data in the world’s key locations to evaluate the acreage potential worldwide. Regional and global geological studies include reservoir analogs, predictive models, dynamic plate tectonics and a database of play fairway and petroleum systems in more than 500 basins.

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