Organization & Leadership

CGG is under the management responsibility of Jean-Georges Malcor, Chief Executive Officer, to whom the Board has given management authority. He is seconded by three Corporate Officers, Stéphane-Paul Frydman, Pascal Rouiller and Sophie Zurquiyah.

As CEO, Jean-Georges Malcor manages the Group with the support of two management Committees, the C-Com, and the E-Com, whose functions are described below.


Chaired by the CEO, the C-Com is a decision-making body bringing together the CEO, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), the two Group Chief Operating Officers (COO’s) and the Executive Vice President (EVP), HR. Its members meet monthly to review the global performance of the Group and the general conduct of business. They interact regularly with the Board and the market and participate in the Group’s financial and business roadshows. The EVP General Secretary & Group General Counsel attends the C-Com meetings as secretary of the committee.


The Group SEVP and EVP are members of the E-Com. The E-Com meets every month and supports the C-Com. It is, firstly, a body for business reporting, review, discussion and proposition between the BLs and Group Functions and Departments, and, secondly, a decision body to validate all projects and decisions with transverse impacts.

It will, in particular:

  • Monitor the execution of decisions taken at C-Com level,
  • Conduct business review and reports on operational activities,
  • Ensure the consistency of Group transverse initiatives throughout the BLs,
  • Manage the business review,
  • Monitor the management of the support functions and shared services.

In addition, the C-Com and the heads of all Business Lines, Group Functions and Group Departments will meet three times a year in order to exchange, to reinforce solidarity and to share Group performance, business and budget information.

Investors - Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Composition and functioning of the Board of Directors.
Investors - Board & Committees

Board & Committees

The operating procedure of the Board is governed by the Internal Rules and Regulations of the Board of Directors.

Sustainability - Ethics


The CGG Group is built on a foundation of values and ethics.