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The CGG Organization
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  • CGG is organized around three Divisions: Equipment, Acquisition and GGR - covering the full range of geoscience capabilities
  • The Divisions supervise the activities of eight Business Lines

Business Lines

  • Manage operations in their respective areas of activity
  • Develop markets and technologies in their areas


  • Provide functional support to operations
  • Develop policy and guidance in functional areas
  • Assure the overall coherence of Group activities


  • Provide support to operations and General Management in Internal Audit, Risk Management, HSE, Sustainable Development, Strategy, Investor Relations and Communication

Ethics Committee

  • Oversees the dissemination of our Business Code of Conduct and related training
  • Reviews and makes reccomendations concerning ethical issues and situations
  • Maintains an 'ethics alert' hotline

Sustainable Development Committee

  • Pilots our sustainable development program
  • Reports on progress in sustainable development to General Management and the Board's HSE and SD Committee
Who We Are - Our Activities

Our Activities

In all environments, we acquire, process and interpret surveys that provide our clients with a comprehensive understanding of subsurface targets and their geological settings.

Who We Are - Mission, Vision & Values

Mission, Vision & Values

Get to know the mission, vision and values that drives us.

Investors - Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Composition and functioning of the Board of Directors.
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