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Ingenuity. Excellence. Commitment. Curiosity. Creativity. Team Spirit. These are the hallmarks of our employees. We take pride in our work and service to clients. We partner with clients and communities to ensure the best outcomes for all involved. We seek challenges, both physical and intellectual. We are passionate about geoscience.


Our passion goes back 87 years. It shows itself in our innovation and capacity to adapt. Our relentless pursuit of improvement continues to yield breakthroughs in geophysical acquisition, analysis and interpretation. We strive to learn more and develop our talents. We are inspired by the challenges we face each day. We strive to excel at all we do.


Our expertise spans the full spectrum of geoscience from analysis, acquisition and evaluation through design and execution to management and optimization. Geophysicists. Petrophysicists. Chemists. Economists. Geologists. Engineers. Scientists. Our experts develop and use world-class technology and techniques in the search for natural resources. That is their passion.


We come from all parts of the world. Diverse backgrounds and educations. Each of us brings our own perspective that adds to the collective experience. Diversity is strength. We are energized by challenge. We are emboldened by our shared experience.


Passion drives innovation. We shot our first survey in 1932. We bought our first computer for processing onshore data in 1954. We are the market leader in seismic equipment. We have the most advanced subsurface imaging technologies. Our R&D commitment and pioneering spirit drive our enduring success.


Our passion inspires us to achieve together. We partner with our clients, combining our strengths. Ours is a world-class team, meeting the challenges of every project with energy, enthusiasm and passion.

Sustainability - Innovative Medical Support in the Kara Sea


Learn how we provide medical support for marine seismic operations in a remote and challenging environment.

Sustainability - Safety on Oman Crew OMN52


Discover how our Oman crew has operated during eight years without a single LTI.

Sustainability - CRMP Thailand


Discover how we manage community relations on land seismic crews in Thailand.
Who We Are - Our Mission, Vision & Values

Mission, Vision & Values

Get to know the mission, vision and values that drive us.
Who We Are - Our History

Our History

Travel with us through time to find out more about some of the significant historical advances that have made CGG the leader it is today.

Who We Are - Our Activities

Our Activities

In all environments, we acquire, process and interpret surveys that provide our clients with a comprehensive understanding of subsurface targets and their geological settings.



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