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CGG is committed to pursuing excellence in innovation and aims to be a driving force in the technological advancement of the geoscience industry. We believe that our industry is on the brink of a profound transformation and we intend to drive it.


For more than 85 years we have been imaging the subsurface to help our clients discover and responsibly manage natural resources.

We have consistently led the way in the geosciences as our teams improve geologic understanding through innovative technology and techniques to better image the Earth’s complexity. We are pioneers, delivering advances across the geoscience disciplines, from equipment to imaging and interpretation technologies.

We fuel the potential of our teams with an impressive commitment to R&D. Over 10% of our workforce are focused on R&D and 9% of our revenue is reinvested in it. Our researchers are regularly recognized with prestigious international awards for their outstanding technical contributions to the industry.

Geoscience Pioneers


CGG is a leader in cutting-edge geoscience.

We have achieved leadership through a strong focus on innovation and a sustained commitment to delivering the best products and services in our industry. With R&D integrated into our operational teams, we continue to build on our geoscience technologies in these core areas:

  • Imaging algorithms, processing software and high-performance computing (HPC)
  • Reservoir characterization software technology
  • Advanced geophysical equipment, prototyping and manufacturing

We capitalize on our global expertise, proprietary geoscience technologies and integrated approach to deliver unrivalled geoscience insight to better support the E&P workflows of our clients with customized solutions for every geologic settings. By capitalizing on our integrated model, we drive imaging and reservoir characterization improvements, taking advantage of best-in-class subsurface imaging technology combined with "ground truth" geological data. We believe that to improve subsurface understanding and reservoir insight, a truly integrated geoscience approach is required.

 Petroleum Geoscience Technology


Our advanced imaging technologies provide the most accurate earth models and insightful images.

We are consistently rated by our clients as best-in-class for seismic processing and imaging technology. We relentlessly pursue the technologies which will deliver the next imaging step-change in the industry and deploy them on huge regional datasets in our internationally acclaimed subsurface imaging centers.

We develop innovative methods which help to get the maximum value from potential field and seismic data. We address local geologic challenges with specialty algorithms that can cope with extremes of structure, velocity contrasts and anisotropy while imaging subsalt reservoirs, heterogeneous shale plays and bypassed hydrocarbons in mature fields. Key areas for our researchers include:

  • Advanced velocity model building and imaging algorithms
  • High performance computing (HPC) and processing software
  • Ocean bottom node (OBN) imaging
  • AVO-compliant and 4D time-lapse reservoir imaging
Subsurface Imaging


We are driving the digital transformation of geoscience data and bringing digital technologies to the E&P industry.

Data has always been at the heart of our industry. The volumes and types of E&P geoscience and engineering data are vast, and immensely varied. The opportunity and challenge we face is how to make the data work harder for us to improve our decision making.

We are using our expertise to harness digital technologies for geoscience applications to:.

  • Augment geoscience workflows with machine learning, AI and analytics to provide deeper insight
  • Digitally transform geoscience data to accessible, analytics-ready formats
  • Deliver data seamlessly into our clients' systems
  • Increase efficiency in geoscience workflows
Oil & Gas Digitalization


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