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CGG is committed to pursuing excellence in innovation and aims to be a driving force in the technological advancement of the geoscience industry. We believe that our industry is on the brink of a profound transformation and we intend to drive it.


For more than 85 years we have been imaging the subsurface to help our clients locate its natural resources. Our passion for geoscience resonates in the constant innovations we make to better image the Earth’s complexity. We have consistently led the way in the geosciences as our teams improve geologic understanding through innovative technology and techniques. We are pioneers, delivering advances throughout the geoscience chain, from equipment through acquisition and imaging to interpretation technologies.

We fuel the potential of our teams with an impressive commitment to R&D. Each year, we invest in R&D with a global network of over 600 employees dedicated to R&D. Our researchers are regularly recognized with prestigious international awards for their outstanding technical contributions to the industry.


CGG is a leader in cutting-edge geoscience.

We have achieved leadership through a strong focus on innovation and a sustained commitment to delivering the best products and services in our industry.

We capitalize on our valuable multi-client studies, diverse consulting services and powerful software workflows to offer our clients integrated and customized solutions for every geologic setting.

By combining our extensive geological and seismic data with our unique expertise we deliver unrivalled geoscience insight to better support the E&P workflows of our clients.

We deliver unique geoscience insight.



We operate anywhere in the world, including remote, frontier and urban areas.

We have been at the forefront of geophysical data acquisition, using Sercel equipment, as well as processing innovation since we conducted our first onshore seismic survey in 1932.

Our offshore crews deliver unmatched broadband, long-offset, full-azimuth, deghosted data with the latest StagSeis solution. Our land seismic crews collect ultra-high-channel-count data in cabled, cableless and hybrid configurations with UltraSeis.

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Our petrophysical and reservoir characterization workflows improve reservoir understanding.

Our 4D time-lapse solutions reveal reservoir dynamics, allowing clients to optimize recovery. Our subsurface imaging centers are internationally acclaimed. We introduced the world’s first gravity gradiometer designed specifically for airborne operations and analyze satellite measurements with our NPA solution.

We were early innovators in seismic inversion, employing complex algorithms and neural network analysis.

By capitalizing on our integrated model, we drive acquisition and processing improvements, taking advantage of broader bandwidth and higher resolution. We believe that tomorrow’s reservoir characterization solutions will be based on new types of equipment and acquisition and data processing methods to monitor and better understand reservoir dynamics.

Our Smart Data Solutions provide the most advanced approach to data transformation, intelligent storage and data access.

Data is at the heart of our best-in-class expertise in equipment, acquisition and imaging. As in many other areas of human activity, we generate petabytes of data that need to be managed, analyzed and correlated to fully exploit them.

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