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Environmental Science

Helping the world monitor and manage its environment

CGG provides analytics expertise and services to help understand, monitor and manage the human impact on nature and our environment and the transition to sustainable resources.

CGG’s environmental analytics are driven by of one of the world’s most powerful compute resources, and more than 40 years of experience in environmental geoscience remote sensing, laboratory analysis and sensor manufacturing.

With a company history of over 90 years in the earth sciences, we have a unique, recognized experience in the multi-disciplinary integration of diverse data and bespoke large-scale data studies.

Transitioning to a future with zero carbon

We are committed to helping the world make the move to a zero-carbon future. With the growth of wind, solar and nature-based solutions, CGG’s environmental analytics can help inform, validate and monitor approaches.

Nature-based solutions, such as carbon offsetting, are becoming important in moving to a more sustainable future. CGG’s environmental analytics can assist in making informed planting decisions and to auditing and monitoring programs.

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Lena River Delta

Environmental Science Solutions

CGG provides a comprehensive suite of environmental services to help improve understanding and management of the Earth’s resources.

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