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Satellite Elevation Data

Map and monitor topography with comprehensive elevation data options

Our comprehensive knowledge provides you with the best satellite elevation data and processing options for topographic mapping, surveying, and monitoring of your projects and operations. We create and supply digital elevation models (DEMs) at a range of resolutions from a variety of sources.

Satellite elevation data – Pleiades

    More Satellite Mapping Products & Services

    Optical Satellite Imagery

    Get the highest quality satellite images and best processing options from CGG, an independent supplier for satellite operators.

    Radar Satellite Imagery

    Access high-quality radar satellite images with the best processing options from CGG, an independent supplier for satellite operators.

    Satellite Elevation Data

    Obtain the highest quality satellite elevation data and best processing options for topographic mapping and monitoring operations.

    Seepage Detection

    Reduce exploration risk by identifying seepage and oil or gas accumulations from which the seeps originate.

    Geological Mapping

    Minimize your risk with our geospatial database and global insight into regional and local surface structure and lithology.

    Geological Cross-Sections

    Take advantage of extensive geological expertise and state-of-the-art software to validate geological interpretations and de-risk models.

    Mineral Mapping

    Identify the most promising targets for follow-up field work using our mineral mapping services.

    Oil Spill Detection & Monitoring

    Mitigate oil spill risk associated with operating in the marine and coastal environments with our unique and independent insight.


    Reduce risk and improve planning with cutting-edge InSAR solutions that deliver remote intelligence on surface deformation.

    MotionMap UK

    Get insight into location, extent and evolution of ground stability hazards across the United Kingdom.


    Make smarter geological, geotechnical and safety-related decisions with remote, satellite-derived intelligence across mine sites.

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