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Seismic reservoir characterization

Add-on Modules

HampsonRussell offers a comprehensive suite of reservoir characterization software tools.


    Achieve your exploration and development objectives at every stage of your reservoir characterization and interpretation workflows.

    Built-in, fully customizable workflows simplify projects by guiding you through the required steps while linking parameters from one step to the next.

    Whether your goals are prospect ranking, field development or maximizing recovery from mature or unconventional reservoirs, HampsonRussell software offers a unique combination of technology and expertise.

    Visualize, interpret and manage seismic reservoir characterization projects easily and efficiently, so you can better understand reservoir complexity.

    GeoSoftware provides HampsonRussell support and training through a global network of offices to help you get the most from your geophysical data. We offer both public workshops and custom in-house training based on your ongoing projects.

    All Software Offerings


    Produce reservoir studies with a comprehensive suite of reservoir characterization software for geophysical interpretation and analysis.


    Address oil and gas exploration and development challenges with advanced technology for seismic inversion and reservoir characterization.


    Complement existing E&P workflows with leading-edge interpretation tools, such as 3D visualization, interpretation and volume processing.


    Gain greater insight into subsurface rock and fluid properties to locate and evaluate zones in wellbores and quantify their commercial potential.


    Understand the link between rock properties and seismic data, and reduce uncertainty in the interpretation of elastic attributes.


    Make more reliable drilling cost estimates with comprehensive post-stack velocity modeling that accurately predicts subsurface depth structure.

    EarthModel FT

    Rapidly build superior geological models while easily incorporating all field data and connecting to flow simulation.

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