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Advanced seismic reservoir characterization

Add-on Modules

Advanced seismic reservoir characterization software products and workflows within the Jason Workbench yield timely answers to help you mitigate exploration and development risk.


    Address your most difficult exploration and development challenges using industry-leading algorithms and integrated velocity calibration tools.

    For both conventional and unconventional projects, built-in quality controls provide greater confidence to estimate reservoir properties and extract maximum value from seismic investments.

    Using a unique approach to integrating engineering and geoscience workflows, Jason provides a clearer picture of the reservoir – ultimately minimizing risk and improving productivity.

    Measure critical reservoir properties, determine optimal zones for hydraulic fracturing and avoid water incursion into your reservoirs.

    Geostatistical reservoir characterization allows you to produce multiple plausible representations of your reservoirs for reliable and tangible measurements of uncertainty.

    Anisotropic inversion analysis, unique depth inversion technology and other capabilities enable effective well design and optimum production.

    An improved usability and user interface allows for fewer mouse clicks, fewer pop-up windows and enhanced 3D visualization.

    All Software Offerings


    Produce reservoir studies with a comprehensive suite of reservoir characterization software for geophysical interpretation and analysis.


    Address oil and gas exploration and development challenges with advanced technology for seismic inversion and reservoir characterization.


    Complement existing E&P workflows with leading-edge interpretation tools, such as 3D visualization, interpretation and volume processing.


    Gain greater insight into subsurface rock and fluid properties to locate and evaluate zones in wellbores and quantify their commercial potential.


    Understand the link between rock properties and seismic data, and reduce uncertainty in the interpretation of elastic attributes.


    Make more reliable drilling cost estimates with comprehensive post-stack velocity modeling that accurately predicts subsurface depth structure.

    EarthModel FT

    Rapidly build superior geological models while easily incorporating all field data and connecting to flow simulation.

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