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Petrophysical interpretation

Add-on Modules

Software add-on modules let you extend PowerLog’s capabilities to meet your specific requirements.


    Introduced to the oil and gas industry more than 35 years ago, PowerLog has evolved to become one of the most user-friendly yet sophisticated solutions available.

    Efficient multi-user functionality lets petrophysicists analyze the logs, geologists pick tops, and engineers create zones for an integrated reservoir characterization workflow.

    PowerLog is the benchmark for petrophysics, rock physics, facies analysis and statistical mineralogy. It shares a common data model (CDM) with Jason® Workbench and EarthModel® FT.

    Sandboxes increase interpretation speed and help guarantee the integrity of your log database by allowing individual users to transfer wells to local projects, interpret the wells, and then transfer results back to the central database.

    Easily make changes when you see a problem in a logplot or histogram. All changes are immediately reflected everywhere the affected data appears.

    Solve your toughest petrophysical challenges with machine learning and deep learning techniques for supervised and unsupervised facies classification, data loading, analysis and migration, and more.

    Go beyond PowerLog’s standard capabilities through user programming and optional integrated products. APIs are available for VB.Net that let you create custom interpretation routines, call specialty algorithms, and integrate with other software and other tasks.

    All Software Offerings


    Produce reservoir studies with a comprehensive suite of reservoir characterization software for geophysical interpretation and analysis.


    Address oil and gas exploration and development challenges with advanced technology for seismic inversion and reservoir characterization.


    Complement existing E&P workflows with leading-edge interpretation tools, such as 3D visualization, interpretation and volume processing.


    Gain greater insight into subsurface rock and fluid properties to locate and evaluate zones in wellbores and quantify their commercial potential.


    Understand the link between rock properties and seismic data, and reduce uncertainty in the interpretation of elastic attributes.


    Make more reliable drilling cost estimates with comprehensive post-stack velocity modeling that accurately predicts subsurface depth structure.

    EarthModel FT

    Rapidly build superior geological models while easily incorporating all field data and connecting to flow simulation.

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