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Smart Data Solutions

Realize the maximum potential of your data

CGG’s Smart Data Solutions provide complete, tailored data organization with industry-leading physical record and geological asset management and the latest E&P data digitalization services. Our projects and investments align with your digital transformation goals to minimize complexity and reduce data management costs. Using the latest digitization technologies, we transform your physical assets into online assets, each stored within an easily accessible cloud environment.

Smart Data Solutions asset management and digitalization services

Storage and Digital Transformation Solutions

Our complete, turnkey storage and digital transformation solutions – ranging from geological asset, fluid and gas management to digitization services – help you cost-effectively organize and easily access large volumes of data.

CGG’s Smart Data Solutions offers complete storage solutions for effective data management. CGG Smart Data Solutions manage, secure and protect physical assets within our large storage facilities positioned in eight locations across the globe. We offer a range of storage environment solutions such as Geological Asset Management, Chilled and Frozen Asset Management, and Reservoir Fluids and Gas Management.

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PleXus, our powerful cloud-based online data management portal, solves your data management challenges quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

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CGG’s Smart Data Solutions has implemented and operated National Data Repositories (NDRs) around the world. We are continuously innovating our NDR solutions to take full advantage of the technological and business shift taking place in our industry, with machine learning, AI, OSDU and cloud services.  

CGG’s cloud-based data management solutions offers trusted, highly flexible, integrated data storage environments. Reducing the cost of data management infrastructure, providing access to enhanced processing capabilities, Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as Service (IaaS), and scalable storage capacity.

CGG’s Smart Data Solutions offers complete end-to-end services enhancing the value of digitalized E&P data by standardizing and consolidating format, structure and accessibility. Our solutions readily enable the conversion of valuable, historic/current assets, including hard copy paper, mylar, microfiche/film, and magnetic media to a standard format and index taxonomy. This secure restoration of data is a trusted service provided to a wide range of E&P clients offering improved access to complete, accurate and standard inventory of legacy and current data holdings.

CGG’s Smart Data Solutions has teams of experienced professionals available as short or long term support. Contact us to discuss how we can help resolve your data management challenges.

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