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Robertson Studies

Access high-quality geoscience studies and databases for screening, exploration and development.

Robertson New Ventures Suite

Gain a competitive edge in global new ventures screening and frontier exploration. The Robertson New Ventures Suite is an integrated family of exploration-focused geoscience tools and databases that provides one of the richest databases of subsurface geoscience in the industry. The six core products of the Robertson New Ventures Suite are Basins & Plays, Geochemistry, Plate Kinematics, Predictions, Provenance and Analogues.

Basins & Plays (formerly Tellus) is Robertson’s extensive play fairway and petroleum systems database. Basins & Plays is designed to provide New Ventures groups and explorationists with a comprehensive and consistent tool for understanding play and basin scale petroleum geology worldwide. All of the content of the global product is now available as part of the Primary Data layer of GeoVerse™. The play fairway scale mapping at the heart of Basins & Plays is being enhanced in selected basins as part of the innovative GeoVerse Interpretation layer.

Robertson Geochemistry (formerly Frogi) is Robertson’s extensive geochemical database designed to provide geochemists and petroleum geologists with a comprehensive and consistent tool for displaying and understanding geochemical data for rocks, oils, gases, and seeps. The database is transitioning into the Primary Data layer of the enhanced GeoVerse database, providing enriched attribution, superior consistency and advanced analytical capability.

Robertson Plate Kinematics (formerly PlateWizard) is Robertson’s multi-client global plate model and associated tool. The model has both rigid and fully deformable (extensional, compressional, oblique) capability, allowing rotation of point, polygon and raster data to and from palaeo-locations through the entire Phanerozoic. The Plate Kinematics model can be licensed on a subscription basis as a core component of the GeoVerse Palaeospace layer.

Robertson Predictions (formerly Merlin+) provides a uniquely detailed suite of Earth Systems Modeling results and an innovative methodology to provide predictive power for source facies generation and preservation. Combining globally consistent palaeogeographic reconstructions and associated palaetopographic and palaeobathymetric layers, Robertson Predictions provide users with access to detailed understanding of Earth systems dynamics to support multiple new ventures and exploration workflows. Available either globally as part of GeoVerse Palaeospace layer or as bespoke packages of global time slices.

Robertson Provenance is an integrated sediment provenance database, tool and knowledge base which enables the easy manipulation of complex sediment provenance data. All of the constituent data is now available within the GeoVerse Primary Data layer.

Robertson Analogues (formerly ERGO) is an online database of reservoir geometry analogue data with an associated knowledge base designed to assist geologists and engineers with incorporating sedimentological understanding into their workflows. All of the constituent data is now available within the GeoVerse Primary Data layer.

Accelerate exploration and development with high-quality seismic and geological studies.

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