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HampsonRussell Advanced

Oct 04 - Oct 07, 2021 10:00 am
Online (GST) , United Arab Emirates

Category: Training

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Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will understand key aspects of advanced topics associated with predicting rock and fluid properties using quantitative seismic reservoir characterization techniques. Students will learn workflows and best practices for incorporating advanced techniques when estimating reservoir properties and analyzing uncertainties of these properties.


Anyone interested in understanding the theory, benefits, and workflows for the use of advanced techniques for seismic reservoir characterization


Day 1 - RockSI

  • Introduction to rock physics and the RockSI software program
  • Log analysis using RockSI
  • Facies creation using Petro-Elastic Models (PEMs)
  • Uncertainty analysis using Monte Carlo simulations of PEMs
  • Combining LithoSI and RockSI (Note that LithoSI is a seismic petro-facies program which is a companion program to RockSI)

Day 2 – Gather Conditioning

  • Introduction to importance and benefit of gather conditioning
  • Identifying the need for gather conditioning
  • Algorithms for gather conditioning: Mute, NMO, Trim Statics, Deconvolution, Filtering, Radon Transforms, Gather Creation (angle, super), and Stacking
  • QCing the results of gather conditioning

Day 3 – Emerge

  • Theory of seismic attributes, linear, non-linear and neural network methodologies for attribute selection, cross-validation and attribute ranking
  • Application of attributes to convert seismic data volumes into geological or petrophysical volumes.
  • Application of attributes to predict missing log data
  • Attributes exercises using seismic data and well logs

Day 4 – GeoSI

  • Introduction to inversion methods – deterministic and stochastic
  • Log correlation and Model Building on both seismic and stratigraphic grids
  • Basic stochastic inversion theories: Sequential Gaussian Simulation, Bayesian Stochastic inversion and GeoSI inversion theory
  • Correlation and Variogram modelling
  • Facies classification theory
  • Stochastic lithology prediction
  • Stabilizing the results
  • 3D visualization

Duration: days

Software used: RockSI, Gather Conditioning, Emerge, GeoSI

Course Format: Lectures, Instructor-led discussions, and workflow-based exercises within a virtual classroom

Instructor(s): Pavel Didenko

Prerequisites: HampsonRussell Fundamentals (or equivalent experience)

Number of Participants: 8-10


US $900.00 per day

US $3000.00 for a week

Early birds discount: 10% if booked before end of July

If you wish to attend one module only, please contact Paula Hadro.

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