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Rock Physics Science and Applications Virtual Training (GS-210)

Nov 15 - Nov 18, 2021 1:00 pm
Online (GMT) , United Kingdom

Category: Training

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Learning Objectives

Rock Physics Theory

  • A comprehensive overview and introduction of rock physics theory and the science behind it 
  • Various techniques in rock physics model building 
  • A general understanding of how to build rock physics models 

Introduction to GeoSoftware RockSI Software 

  • Explains the practical use of rock physics using RockSI software
  • Demonstrates how RockSI connects well and seismic data 
  • The application of RockSI using a real North Sea oil sand example


This course is aimed at geoscientists who wish to benefit from the application of rock physics for seismic reservoir characterization, reservoir delineation, hydrocarbon detection and reservoir development. It is suitable for quantitative interpretation geophysicists, seismic interpretation geophysicists, petrophysicists, geologists and reservoir engineers.


These half-day virtual courses are lecture-style and instructor-led. Each section will include exercises and examples of how to build rock physics models. The objective of the course is to thoroughly understand the subject and fundamentals of rock physics and how to apply those models into your workflows. 

Topics include: 

Day 1 - Rock Physics Theory:

  • Introduction
  • Elasticity
  • Rock properties

Day 2 - Rock Physics Theory:

  • Mineral and Fluid Properties
  • Empirical Models
  • Rock Physics Models

Day 3 – Rock Physics Theory:

  • Fluid Models
  • Building RP Model (based on Carbonate Gas reservoir model)
  • Scale, Anisotropy, and Attenuation
  • 4D
  • Summary

Day 4 – Introduction to RockSI Introduction:

  • RockSI software overview
  • Exercise 1: Log analysis Exercise
  • 2: Rock Physics Templates (RPTs)
  • Exercise 3: Rock physics model creation for each facies

Duration: 4 half-days

Software used: 

Course Format: Instructor-led, workflow-based, virtual classroom

Instructor(s): Dr. Ramil Ahmadov

Prerequisites: None

Number of Participants: 10-14


US $1800.00

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