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Seismic Data Conditioning, AVO Modeling and Analysis, and Inversion for Reservoir Characterization

Oct 04 - Oct 07, 2021
Online (BST) , United Kingdom

Category: Training

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Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will grasp key aspects of the concept, workflow and benefits of predicting fluid and rock properties and estimating uncertainties for a better understanding of the reservoir.


Anyone interested in understanding the theory, workflow and optimal way to integrate reservoir properties into accurate and predictive models.


Day 1 – Data Conditioning

  • Random and coherent noise attenuation
  • Residual NMO and gather alignment
  • Amplitude correction
  • Frequency and bandwidth
  • Phase distortion
  • Trace organization and conversion
  • 4D seismic conditioning
  • Common offset/angle Azimuthal Gathers

Day 2 – AVO Modeling and Analysis

  • Introduction: Basic seismic wave principles, Poisson's ratio, gas saturation, Biot-Gassmann equations, and lithologic examples
  • AVO Theory: Zoeppritz's equations, Aki-Richards and Shuey's approximation, elastic wave modeling, and impact of anistropy
  • AVO Analysis: AVO attribute volume generation and considerations, processing concerns, interpretation of AVO measurements, classification of AVO responses, AVO crossplotting and polarization, and examples from published case studies
  • Emphasizes practical AVO examples from a number of regions around the world
  • Explains both the advantages and potential pitfalls of the AVO method

Day 3 – Deterministic Inversion using Strata

  • Introduction: Convolutional models, wavelets, reflectivity and noise
  • Theory: Recursive, sparse-spike, model-based and colored inversion. Pre-stack methods of Elastic Impedance and Lambda-Mu-Rho
  • Analysis: Seismic and wavelet processing, amplitude recover, noise attenuation and imaging
  • Practical: Examples of band-limited, sparse-spike and model-based inversion
  • Includes pre-stack Simultaneous Inversion

Day 4 – Geostatistical Inversion using GeoSI

  • Introduction to inversion methods – deterministic and stochastic.
  • Log correlation and Model Building on both seismic and stratigraphic grids
  • Basic stochastic inversion theories: Sequential Gaussian Simulation, Bayesian Stochastic inversion and GeoSI inversion theory
  • Correlation and Variogram modelling
  • Facies classification theory
  • Stochastic lithology prediction
  • Stabilizing the results
  • 3D visualization

Duration: 3 1/2 days

Software used: HampsonRussell AVO, Strata, GeoSI

Course Format: Instructor-led, workflow-based, virtual classroom

Instructor(s): Shervin Rasoulzadeh

Prerequisites: None

Number of Participants: 8-10


US $3,000.00

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